How To Make An Immediate Impression With All-Over T-Shirt Printing

All over t-shirt printing is the new and exciting trend in the market, specifically in the world of personalized t-shirts and garments. The t-shirt garment industry is similar to the other regular printing but is not restricted to the constrained area of the t-shirt.

This method allows the designers to explore the joints, edges and zips that were not earlier thought. There are methods like digital garment printing or screen printing and related to that, we will get the stamp of the machine committed on a particular area, hanging the design in negative space.

In overall printing, there will be enlarged prints to the garment edges. This may be tough for beginners to understand, but you can take help from professionals. 

Who can utilize custom overall printed t-shirts?

If you are among those who are planning an event and require a bulk of printed t-shirts for the same, going for the printing technique is required. The overall printed t-shirts are a unique method of impressing the clients with a new painting style that makes them stall tall for their products.

Or maybe you are an internet commotion who is looking to further monetize your amazing fame in the market. Are you in search of a reconditioned uniform or promotional apparel for a specific event? You will definitely want to change the trend, and the overall print is something you can go for. 

What do you mean by all-over print? 

This is a specific technique of printing the garment which covers every part of the apparel. The fabric will be overall printed which is not there in other printing techniques.

How custom all over print shirts is attained by layering the t-shirt on a plain surface and do the printing on the top portion. What this means is that neither of the element will get revealed to the ink. 

The oversized print is a different thing as this will be achieved by the large screens and is aimed to exceed the conventional printing methods. Overall printing is a new way to get the customization in the best way. 

When you are ready to do the all-over print? 

If you already have the vision of the all-over print on the garment or fabric in your mind, you are good to go. But if you don’t, the overall printing process is a total waste of time. You need to invest some more time in your search for the print or design to be finalized.

When a designer tends to approach a graphic, they take heed to include bleed in their service. Since there is uniqueness in every print, each has its own accuracy level. To make sure that the final graphic looks good on the complete apparel, the designers give some extra space on either side. 

When does the all-over print does not work?

If you want a kind of repeated pattern, the fabric can be easily printed as a whole before the cutting and sewing process takes place. This will give an escape from the inseparable problems that can be associated with all-over printing.

Another point is that in some cases, the digital t-shirt printing doesn’t get paired up with the back to front and this can be a big issue when you are expecting the best result.

There is no need for overall printing if you don’t want to cover the sleeves. Some printers have large screens than normal, so you might not be able to board your desired needs.

What are the famous printing techniques for the overall print?

Since there are several methods, the common is either screen or sublimation printing.

A Brief about large scale screen printing

It is similar to screen printing and is capable of consuming the whole garment size of a large-sized t-shirt. This method works best with any fabric type and can be prepared by using any printer machine.

The perks of screen printing are the suitability of fabric, high-quality finishing, endurance, and speed as compared to other techniques.

A Brief about sublimation printing

In this process, process includes heat to transfer the dye to the material. A commercial heat process will be used to get the design transferred to the t-shirt. This dye gets transformed into a gas without passing the liquid state. The fabric which goes well with the method is either polyester or polymer-coated substrates.

Describing the benefits of sublimation printing is substantial, and has the ability to replicate the complex designs in detail. The cost of production with this method does not get changed whether there is a small or large order.

As there is very little water required, this method is highly sustainable and perfect for overall printing on garments. What you need to consider for the all-over printing are the new possibilities it has opened for the fashion industry.

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