Importance of testing cosmetics before importing them to India

Foreign cosmetics enjoy a large customer base in India. That’s why, it’s important for them to adhere to the CDSCO guidelines. Designed by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization under the governance of government of India, CDSCO guidelines set specific standards that cosmetic products have to meet before they can be imported in the country. 

  • The cosmetic products should be produced as ethically as possible. 
  • The products should only contain a limited amount of regulated substances. 
  • The products should not be tested on animals. 
  • The products should be free from toxic materials. 

Why are taking care of the above important? We understand that it’s a puzzling question to ask, but think about it. When it comes to cosmetics, people are almost feverishly willing to pay any price as long as they get to beautify themselves. Well, this blog exists to tell you about its importance. 

CDSCO Registration to regulate the import of cosmetic products

One of the reasons testing cosmetics before import is important is CDSCO registration. It’s essentially a trade license issued to importers of cosmetics. As India have finally become more receptive towards foreign products, there is a lot of possibility of profit in this domain. 

Many traders often try to take advantage of this situation and try to “smuggle” these products to escape from their taxation responsibilities. 

By issuing a trade license, the government ensures that these importers can’t escape the high customs and taxation requirements of importing cosmetic products. 

Preserving ethics is important in India regardless of what products are imported

When it comes to India, “Ethics and culture” is something that often comes to mind. Being ethical and a cultural centrepiece of the world is something that we Indians have often pride ourselves upon. That’s why, its importance for us to use products that reflect those ideologies. 

A cosmetic products that’s being tested on animals goes against our “Sanatana” ideologies. It also goes against our wish of not harming nature. CDSCO approval hence becomes important as it tests whether the product has been produced ethically. 

Controlling the regulated substances

Presence of regulated substances and certain chemicals is the reason that cosmetic products sometimes work too well. If the products work, we often don’t even bother with the ingredients most of which can harm us in several insidious ways. 

Testing the product and consequently issuing its importer CDSCO Sugam registration allows the CDSCO to take care of the ingredients. When that happens, it doesn’t matter whether a customer reads the product ingredients or not. He can completely trust it, for the CDSCO has already tested the product before allowing it to go on sale in India. 

Fostering healthy competition in the cosmetics market

Courtesy of the existence of CDSCO certificate, people now have many options of products to choose from. Each one of them have been tested by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization and each one of them has a verified effectiveness. 

When that happens, the manufacturers of the products have to put more effort into making their product either more effective or affordable without trading off one for the other. 

The CDSCO registration process can give you insight into your product

If you’re merely an importer of cosmetic product, deep analysis of the product is probably not the first thing in your mind. 

CDSCO registration, although a mandatory process, also gives you the benefit of understanding the nature of what you’re trying to import. During the procedure, the department will ask you to provide certain documents that include:

  • List of ingredients
  • Concentration of those ingredients
  • Classification of regulated substances
  • Details about how much the product follows the product registration guidelines of CDSCO. 

The procedure let’s you have a look into what the product is made of. In doing so, you can make the ethical decision to whether or not to allow the trade to happen. Because if you figure out on your own that the product entails harmful substances, following the CDSCO process would be a waste of time. It’s because in this case, the CDSCO won’t let you have the registration. 


Why testing products before import is important? It’s importance because the product is going to be used by people, and when people are involved, their safety is the government’s concern. 

If you want to import quality products to India, you need to take the mandatory step to obtain CDSCO registration. Keeping in mind the needs of the people while being fair to you, the registration procedure will let you have a deep insight into your cosmetics. 

So, are you ready to know what you’re trying to import?

This blog highlights the importance of testing cosmetics before importing them to India. Read it to know the quality of the product you’re trying to import.