Is 3D Printing Expensive – Thoughts On It

3D Printing technology is quite popular and there are many software programs that you can use to print your own 3D objects. This technology is nowadays used in almost every industry from small businesses to large-scale production.

It is used to create exclusive masterpieces and prototypes of products, or even to improve the quality of mass-produced goods. It has been seen that the technology is used to create small decorative items, prosthetics, wearable heels shoes & clothes, functional guns, cement bridges, and even a fully structured house. The possibilities and applications are endless.

Is online slicer 3D printing expensive? People across the world want an answer to this question. In this article, you’ll get a clear understand of the process and get to know how the process works and what is involved in it.

The answer to this question depends on many factors, but the main factor is the structure of objects. If the object is complex and takes a long time to print, the overall cost of producing objects will be expensive. But if it is a simple prototype or masterpiece, the cost may be relatively cheaper.

There are two types of 3D printers in the market, one is a consumer printer and another is a professional 3D printer

A consumer printer will print your favorite design as an object and you can take this object home. This printer will cost you around $100 to $1000, while the professional printer can cost you anywhere between $3000 to $50,000. The process of creating objects using professional 3D printers is a lot different than the consumer ones.

For example, with the consumer 3D printer, you can design anything you wish for at your home using CAD software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or SketchUp and then print it out on your own printer. If you need to change something or fix it up, there are no extra charges involved.

The cost of 3D printing depends on various factors

1. Material used: The material used in 3D printing is called a filament, which is usually made of plastic. The best quality filaments are biodegradable and eco-friendly. It varies from material to material like ABS, metal, carbon fiber, acrylic, and wood.

2. Pattern: The pattern of the object you are printing out is another factor that depends on your choice of material. For example, if you need to print a design with some customized patterns, then it would cost more than the usual designs.

3. Type of printer: The cost also depends on the type of printer you’re going to use for printing objects. If you’re a beginner, you can use entry-level printers that do not cost you more than $1000. If you’re going to use a professional printer for large-scale production, it may cost you above $1000.

4. The number of parts you’re going to print: It is a common belief that most 3D printers can print a smaller object for less than $100, but this is incorrect. Most 3D printers cannot print out small objects due to the limitations in their software. Using an expensive professional 3D printer can actually reduce the printing time and cost.

5. Quality: The quality of the object printed out is another factor that determines the cost of 3D printing. Generally, if you’re printing an object with a lot of details, it will cost you more than the simpler objects.

6. Speed: It determines how quickly 3D printing works. With slow printers, the time taken to print an object may take up to three days (30- 60 hours). With fast printers, the time taken to print out an object may only take about an hour.

7. Complexity: The more complex the model of printing objects is, the more expensive it will be.

8. Size: The object size plays a major factor in determining the cost of printing. For example, if you want to print out a large object (more than 19 inches in height), it will cost you more money.

It also depends on the software used to print 3D models. You’ll need designing software, online slicing software, and 3D modeling software to help you print out the 3D file.

Future Of 3d Printing

The 3D printing revolution has exploded over the past few decades. In a matter of only 10 years, it’s grown into something that now has a market value in excess of 4 billion US dollars. With all of the advancements, there is still more to come for this technology with some scientists predicting that 3D printing will soon be accessible on an everyday basis. This post will explore what exactly makes 3D printers so impressive and what could happen in the near future.

3D printing is a revolutionary process that’s able to create any type of object right before your eyes. In the past, this type of technology was only used to manufacture very specific products for industrial use but with time and research, it’s now found its way into households and offices all over the world. The process works by starting with a series of layers that are gradually topped on top of each other and joined together to form the desired shape. This technique is not new at all.


The cost of 3D Printing depends on the usage and complexity of the model. 3D printing is currently based upon the additive method. More complex models do tend to cost more since they require more layers but overall, 3D printing is also cheaper since printers can be bought individually and used with different types of materials. It also depends on the software used in the 3D printing process. You can track activities using a cloud 3D panel. If you buy these softwares such as online slicer 3d printing from reliable software such as Cloud 3D Print, you can save a lot of money. Thus, the 3D printing process is not much expensive and anyone can use it and explore this field.

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