Is New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Good for Content Creators?

We live in a new technology where every person online out there is a content creator because all we need right is a good smartphone, and we’re good to go. From writing scripts to making videos, everything can be done via a good smartphone because technology has advanced so much. One of the best categories of smartphones to buy from is the Samsung mobile phone because not so long ago, they released their new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. The tech that they use is more than capable of handling most of your daily tasks.

However, the big question that every experienced content creator has on their mind is, “Can this Samsung mobile phone can really handle all sorts of tasks?” We know that content is a vast field that encompasses different things. So naturally, everyone is going to have a few doubts but let me say that Samsung makes such amazing phones that even if you take a used Samsung mobile phone from 2 years ago, you’ll still get a bang for your buck.

Therefore, here are some of the topics that we’ll cover regarding the Z Flip 4.

  • 3 Important aspects for a content creator
  • Is the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 good for them

With that said, let’s start by covering the important aspects for all types of content creators because they compromise on them.

3 Important Aspects for a Content Creator

If you haven’t guessed by now, I myself am a content creator who writes articles😅. The main goal that we content creators have is to give the answers to some of the questions that you might have in the best and most entertaining way possible.

All the tasks that I do can be done via a good smartphone like the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Since I mostly type, if I have a good layout of the content that I’m going to type, it can be easily done via smartphone. However, not everyone is a typer because they mostly are videographers or singers.

Each of them needs a smart device that can perform multiple tasks because not everyone has the money to buy expensive equipment. That’s why the best option is to buy a smartphone that can perform all of the tasks I mentioned before. 

From what I’ve seen, both the new and used Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 work perfectly for all types of content creators, but my word doesn’t mean anything. Only facts do. So, with that said, let’s dive into the different aspects of creating content and see how well this phone will fare in each situation.

1. Can the Phone Be Used for Writing Scripts

As I said before, I’m a typer, and all I need is a good working device and a full battery. Most smartphones are already equipped for typing, so the Z Flip 4 won’t have any issues. I actually set the bar too low but don’t worry; it’s only going to get more interesting😅.

2. Can the Phone Be Used for Making Videos and Shooting Picture

Now, these are the main reasons that most content creators are using a smartphone on the internet. Nowadays, the camera of a smartphone is so good that you normally don’t even need to buy a professional one. You can just use one of your phones.

If you’ve been following the whole TikTok trend for the past few years, then you know that you only need a working smartphone and some *cough* *cough* questionable *cough* *cough* acting skills😅.

Nevertheless, The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes with a dual camera setup with a 12 MP lens each. One of them is a wide lens, and the other is an ultrawide lens to get wider shots. I know, I know! 12 MP may not seem like much, but you consider that there is a budget phone with 50 MP cameras but even half of the picture quality of this phone, it seems all right.

Even the used iPhone 12 Pro that I’m using right now has a 12 MP lens and still has the best camera results I’ve ever seen. 

3. Can It Edit the Videos and Pictures Easily

Now, let’s say that you’ve shot the video or picture, but what about editing? Nowadays, a plain video isn’t something that most viewers will like. There needs to be some sort of transitions, and excessive content needs to be cut, some special effects, etc.

Can the Z Flip 4 handle all of these tasks? My personal experience says that it can. Now, depending on which variant you’ll buy, you’ll either get a Snapdragon chipset or an Exynos one. The variant of the Samsung mobile phone that I had used was the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, and when I did some video and photo editing on it, there was no issue whatsoever.

Is the New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Good for Them

Now, the big question is should a content creator buy the Z Flip 4 in 2023? Is it capable of handling everything? My answer is “yes and yes.” The phone is a powerhouse, and when you consider that the used Samsung mobile phones are cheaper but give the same performance, you’ll love it even more.

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