Kheerganga Trek: The Complete Guide

Kasol is a trekking paradise in Himachal Pradesh, located in the middle of the Parvati Valley. Kasol offers a lush green valley experience, and the graceful Parvati River flows like a pearl necklace. Hikers and nature lovers from all over the world will visit this place. Many of them decided to stay unexpectedly.

The most popular hike in the Parvati Valley is the Kheerganga hike. You are confused about the beauty of the Castle. The number of Israelis shows that Kasol has the same value among foreigners and Indians. This is heaven. Although many commercial fields in Kheerganga have recently been shut down due to court orders, their popularity has hardly been affected.

In Tosh Village, Manikaran’s heat source, Helganga, the Parvati river, almost everything is silent.

Leaving Castle, you will find pristine nature blooming in the valley. Castle and nearby towns. The place here is naturally free from human harassment, they coexist. Take a break from the sins of city life and spend some time in this valley. Numerous waterfalls, hot spring pools, surrounding snow-capped peaks, and dense green forests make the Kasol and Parvati valleys especially suitable for adventure. If you understand the true and original state of nature, you will soon know how to embrace nature.

How to get to Kasol and Bontar?

There is no direct train or bus from Delhi / Chandigarh to the castle.

The nearest airport is 31 kilometers from Casor, Bangta Airport, which connects Casor to the world.

Travel Delhi – Chandigarh – Mandi – Bhunter Take the bus to Kullu / Manali. You should go to Bhuntar. Bhuntar is a small town 5 kilometers away from Kullu, and there is a road between Kasol and Barshaini.

Take a bus from Bhuntar to reach the city of Kasol on a regular basis. Private and government owners operate buses.

ISBT Kashmiri Gate, R K Ashram Metro Station and MaikaTila can be reached by bus from Delhi. It’s easy to book them online. Compared to other state bus services, HRTC buses have the best punctuality.

Please note that the bus from Bhuntar to Kasol may not be available at odd hours in the morning. Ask your driver to take you to the Bhuntar bus stop a few kilometers before Kullu.

The nearest train station to Kasol, Joginder Nagar (145 km), is a narrow gauge station. Pathankot is the closest broad gauge railway station.

It departs from Barshaini, the last road in the Parvati valley, 16 kilometers from Kasol, and the royal route begins. Transport from Kasol to Barshany is arranged by the operator on foot.

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Details of  Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga (Khirganga) will be your seat if God lives here. This valley is the jewel in the crown of other Casor excursions. The most popular hike in Castle is kheerganga. This is a 78-hour trek to reach a hot spring that is 2950 meters or 13,000 feet high. After processing the sticky terrain, you arrive at Kheerganga Hot Springs. Soak in warm water to wash away all your worries and sorrows.

The walk begins in Barshani. On the way from Castle, we reached Balshai. From there, walk to Kheerganga trek. A trail leads from Barshani to the town of Tosh, 3 kilometers from Barshaini. It is possible to take a day trip to Kheerganga, but it is not practical or not recommended. If you are a professional hiker, you can definitely get started as soon as possible. No matter which route you take, the total distance from Kheerganga is 1213 kilometers.

Hiking Trails to Kheerganga

Barshaini There are two routes to Kheerganga Trek:

BarShaini is a small town with taxi ranks and few basic options for accommodation and dhabas. From here to Tosh, a route of just over 2 kilometers from Barshaini diverges. Hydroelectric projects are being built that affect the beauty of this area. I hope that once the factory starts and the warehouse is built, most of it can be restored.

1) Go right from the Barshaini bridge and walk to the town of Kalga. This route is a bit long, but easy to climb, making it ideal for beginners and occasional hikers through dense forests.

2) The second route passes through Nakthan village and starts from Barshaini bridge, you need to turn left. This route is short and scenic, but relatively steep, making it a difficult route.

This Kheerganga walking route is moderate but not suitable for people with a heartbeat. If you are heading to Kheerganga before sunset in Barshani before noon, you have already camped here overnight.

Kheerganga is not a village, but here you can find fortune-telling camps and residents. Since there is no electricity, some accommodations offer clay stoves to keep you warm in the dining tent. Uncomfortable transportation and without electricity. Camps and other institutions work on generators, so staying and getting delicious food can be very expensive. Be sure to book your itinerary with an experienced operator so that you can get quality service during this period. According to a recent court order, the permanent trade camp here is temporarily unauthorized. A few kilometers ahead of Kheerganga, an alternative Rudra nag serves as a night camp.

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