Know The Different Methods To Make Credit Card Bill Payments

A credit card allows you to spend a certain amount every month. Later you need to repay the amount at the end of the month, which is a credit card bill. Regular repayment of credit card bills is a good practice for your financial well-being and maintaining a good credit score.

There are many ways to pay a credit card bill, broadly categorized into two parts- online and offline payments.

Online Payments

Thanks to the internet, today’s credit card bill payment is a piece of cake for you. There are multiple portals and mediums through which you can make the payment. We have listed examples of online credit card bill payments below.

NEFT Payment

Through the National Electronic Funds Transfer System (NEFT), you can make payments from your bank account to your credit card. You need – an online bank account to use this facility. 

  • Log in to your bank account
  • Select the fund’s transfer option
  • Choose the IMPS option
  • Enter your credit card number and bill amount 
  • Click on Confirm
  • You will receive the OTP in the number linked to your bank account; enter that to finish the final payment. 

It is a quick and efficient way of making credit card bill payments.

Mobile Wallets

Multiple mobile wallets are available, including Google Pay, Paytm, Freecharge, etc. You can pay your credit card bill instantly through these wallets. But first, you need to link your bank account to these mobile wallets. After this, you can make any number of payments, including credit card bills. You should log in to the respective mobile wallet, enter your credit card number, and choose the payment option. The bill payment will be made instantly, and you will get a notification of the payment.

Auto Debit

Auto debit is a convenient facility for paying a credit card bill. As the name suggests, the auto-debit will instantly deduct the money from your account. But first, you need to set up the process to avail of this facility. Now, log in to your online bank account and register for auto debit; select the credit card option and enter your credit card number. You will have to fill in an approximate amount of the credit card bill that needs to be debited every month. You should then click on the enable auto debit option to confirm the process. 

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The auto debit payment option is the most hassle-free way for your credit card bill payment. It is convenient and efficient and requires no extra effort once the payment mode is enabled. 


Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) is yet another online banking option to pay your credit card bill. True to its name, it makes payments instantly. This process is similar to that of NEFT. Log in to your online bank account and select the IMPS funds transfer option. Fill in the relevant details, like your credit card number and the bill amount. You will receive an OTP after clicking on confirm, and you will have to enter that to make the final payment.

Offline Payments

Credit card bill payments can be made offline as well. They are a little archaic and require more effort than online payment. However, one should know about them in case of an emergency.

Direct Payment 

You can directly visit the nearest branch office of your credit card issuer and make the bill payment over the counter. It is a simple process of filling out a cash deposit slip. Provide essential details on the slip, such as your credit card number and bill amount. Submit the slip and cash amount to make the payment. The respective individual will give you a receipt for this payment that you must safely keep with yourself in case of any discrepancy in the payment.

Payment through ATM

To avail this option of credit card bill payment option, your ATM and debit card should be from the same bank as your credit card. Just visit the ATM, choose the best credit card in India option, and enter the bill amount. Enter the ATM pin code to make the final payment. 

Cheque Payments

You can make your credit card bill payment through a cheque as well. Visit your nearest branch office, and enter the relevant payee details, like credit card number, bill amount, date, and name. Sign the cheque before submitting it at the counter of the branch office. It usually takes around three business days for a cheque to be processed. You should make this payment in advance to meet your due date.