Yes!! It is the right time for you to leave the road and take the trails towards rejuvenation and recreation with the ultimate vision of Kunti Betta. You may experience the mesmerizing sunrises when you climb up the hill, even though the entry near the hills is a tough nut to crack but the view during the trail is just worth all your back wrecking. It is a 130km drive on the Mysore road towards Manya; the trek is to follow a timeline of 5 days which would contain excursions to various places and fun activities for the people to engage in. 


You may reach the beautiful hills by any means, be it by air, road or railways. Your destination is 125 kms away from the city of Bangalore and is well connected by various means of transport.

  1. BY AIR

The closest airport to the trails is the Mysore airport. One can easily access cabs and  other services to reach Kunti Betta.

  1. BY RAIL

Kunti betta is also connected well with the railways as the Pandavapura railway station is about 8 kms away from Kunti Betta.

  1. BY ROAD

Visitors have to use the road transport which imply for taxis, buses or rickshaws to reach Kunti betta even if they travel by air or rail. The roads are well maintained and all transportation facilities provided are up to the mark

Difficulty level and time to complete trek 

So, this trek is recommended for those with no or intermediate experience in trekking and camping. It is ideal for almost all sorts of explorers who are nature lovers or even backpackers. The trail is not very rough and consists of two rocky hills made up with granite. The total trail is of 2 kms and it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to reach the top. 

It is an easy to moderate level trek that does not challenge your physical strengths as such. You may also plan a night trek to Kunti Betta as the overnight experience of the journey is very exciting, making it the best destination for trekking and camping near Bangalore

Beauty of the trek

You may also plan to take your sleeping beds and tents up the hill to stay there overnight to witness the mesmerizing sunrise from that view. The area is very less populated and thus you would not be able to get basic essentials, thus it is advised to carry them with you. 


The whole day of trec  must be planned beforehand so as to avoid any uncertainties throughout your journey. 

The itinerary to be considered is as follows:

  • Leave from Bangalore by 6:30 in the morning 
  • Reach the base and relax yourself 
  • Start your trek around 11 o’clock
  • Trek all the way to the hilltop
  • Explore and experience new challenges
  • You may descend and reach back to the base around 5 o’clock and enjoy the rest of the evening either staying near the trail or travel back to Bangalore, the same day.

Additional Sightseeing During the trip

While exploring Kunti Betta, there are some things that must be included in your short trip to make it more exciting and adventurous

Firstly you must visit the Thonnur lake, located 10 kms away from Kunti Betta it is the perfect place to spend some peaceful time. You will definitely feel close to nature amidst the lush green forests and a beautiful lake by your side which seems to be the perfect picturesque. You may also visit the Parikrama point that provides a panoramic view of the whole place wherein all the variegated hills, the lush green trees and mist makes the view from the point phenomena. Kunti kund is a small lake at the foot of the hill wherein you may dip your feet in the clear blue water and enjoy a bit of solitude. 

The best time to visit and experience this amazing one day getaway is between October to May when the climatic conditions are not extreme and you enjoy pleasant weather during your trek. Also you may enjoy loads of exciting adventures , the top activities that you may engage yourselves into are rock climbing, rappelling, camping, swimming, boating and trekking of course. All of these will definitely add more thrill to your experience.