Leslie Odom Jr. Says It’s “Silly” to Label Him as Just a Theater Star

Leslie Odom Jr. Reacts to His First-Ever Oscar Nominations

Leslie Odom Jr. has a lot of exciting moments to look forward to in 2021.

On Monday, March 15, the Hamilton actor learned he was nominated for two Oscars at the 2021 Academy Awards: Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Best Original Song.

This is a huge moment for the “Speak Now” singer, because if he takes home an award in either one of the categories, he will be one honor away from earning his EGOT status.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Leslie said that his latest achievement speaks to a “more open-minded audience and more open-minded business” that allows performers to explore different opportunities. He explained that in the past if you were a theater performer you were told to “stay a theater performer,” similar to the way TV stars only did TV. 

He continued, “Now, I think we’ve realized how silly that is. A performer/entertainer should go wherever that talent allows them to go.”

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