Omnipresence in Marketing – The What & Why

Understanding Omnipresence

Every campaign entails a common agenda set by all clients and that is increasing the rate of conversion or to mustering a bigger return on the expenses incurred on ad spend (ROAS- Return on Ad Spend). This aim is not achieved by just promoting your product, there is a whole gamut of strategies that you need to implement to get the desired results in PPC advertising

Post the pandemic, ecommerce and online is the new normal. This overhaul has affected nearly all spheres of life and marketing has not been left untouched by it. Harnessing the massive reach and catchment area of the internet via brand presence and Google ads management, marketing strategies have evolved. The ever-growing ones are rapidly replacing the conventional and traditional ones 

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The newest buzzwords of the online dimension, among the marketing professionals is – Omnipresence. The term simply implies- widely or constantly encountered or widespread. The long-established usage of the word was related with ecclesiastical connotations or Godly presence. Mostly for saying that God is everywhere. 

In today’s era, the term has grown out of those divine indications to move over to the online marketing arena. It is now used to designate an approach to marketing whereby a brand is said to be omnipresent if it is available and cognizable on every other social or digital platform, irrespective of the time or demographics of the audience.

The presence of the brand on almost all channels conveys the message of the brand across to all types of users and audience, too at multiple times. This in turn marks a positive impact on the overall identity of the brand among its potential customers.

Through the nexus of social media and online search engines, your brand has the superpower to give its whereabouts practically everywhere. The internet is an infinite playpen with no foreseeable limitations and that also allows your competition to gain an equal voice. Thus, having enormous exposure and attendance everywhere acts as a prolific ground to set your message across, helping the audience to make a distinctive memory of your brand.

Having said that, establishing omnipresence for your brand is not a cakewalk. With cut-throat competition and constantly evolving methodologies and trends, staying on top of the game needs thoughtfully laid foundations, devoted effort and determination to reach your goal.

The Potential Risks Involved

Statistics reveal that brands are more likely to future proof their image and perception and so refrain from experimental online campaigns. They assiduously try to stick to tried and tested strategies which yield the mainstream results and nullify the risks of a failure. This is exactly what adds to the noise in the online world among competing brands. Those willing to go forward with an original and unorthodox media promotion mix, gain the edge over others and make themselves remembered. 

The smarter move here is to be the brand that is remembered. The one that is the trailblazer and trendsetter. The difference in your brand comes through nonconformist perspectives. This inevitably attracts both compliments and criticism but is a step closer to being omnipresent. This method helps make an indelible indentation in the mind of your audience and accelerates brand recall for all the right reasons. 

However, it is to note, that omnipresence approach is not for those brands who seek a short life online, satisfied with a few conversations. With omnipresence, it’s a long-term commitment that subsequently generates scalable advantages when successfully executed.

The Advantages for of this Presence

Strong Brand Recall

A formidable and stellar omnipresent marketing strategy creates a very durable association of the product or service with the brand itself. A healthy example of this is Apple- think of a smartphone and the first that pops in your mind is irrefutably, the iPhone. This is the power of brand recall through omnipresent marketing. It elevates your brand to a level that it is easily recognized and repeatedly used.


The direct impact of being everywhere is rampant recognition. Once people get a hold of your brand identity mentally, they are automatically persuaded to pay more attention to the message your brand is putting across.

More Revenue

The sweet spot with a good brand image is that the customers are willing to pay more for a brand that is popular and ubiquitous. It incites an inherent sense of trust between the user and the brand, based on this trust, you can spike up your revenues without competitive pricing.

Authority & Thought Leadership

What is a better compliment for a brand than having it singularly associated with the entire industry? A brand is said to have achieved success when people immediately link the whole industry to the standalone brand. This decrees the expertise and authority that the brand exercises.

Apply it the Right Way

Application of the Omnipresence strategy has a fivefold character trait. The main considerations for carrying out omnipresence is by understand these five factors-

●   Type of traffic- identifying the type of traffic that you want on your brand. Outline the ideal customer persona.

●  Platform – Determine the social media avenues or platforms that you could potentially harness to drive in the right people in the best numbers.

●   Content- The type or format of message that you send can actually make or break your brand image. Crafting content that is best suited for your target audience is the optimum way to go.

●  Timing and Frequency- Many tools and applications have been developed to specifically cater to this crucial aspect. Understanding the right time to post and the frequency of messaging is essential to chart a fruitful customer journey. Audience research is rather instrumental here to make your imprint

Starting the Journey

Ever since the advent of the era of the internet, customer journey and experiences have witnessed a frequent and sea transformation. Each day ushers a new learning for all. With a gargantuan degree of internet accessibility and usage, it is imperative that your brand makes its way on all media mediums. 

Break the mold, unfollow the crowd and be unique with your marketing. Be the wave riders of marketing with an out-of-the-box and creative marketing mix. After all, that is the secret to being different and inimitable. Pave your way to be the thought leaders of your domain and be the face of the whole industry you belong to. Every brand starts at some places, so do not wait for another moment and reach out to the digital marketing agency in Dubai to help your brand attain the pinnacle of success with omnipresent marketing.

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