Outsourcing of secretary and their importance in your business

The specifics of the performance of the functions of the corporate secretary, the degree of their importance, as well as the associated objective and subjective problems, are some of the most “hot” topics of the professional community. Various aspects of the problem were repeatedly raised on the pages of this magazine. Well understanding all the volume and complexity of the topic of the corporate secretary as a whole, I would like to dwell on a number of aspects related to a relatively recent phenomenon in the domestic realities – outsourcing of the functions of the corporate secretary.

The data available to the author allows us to speak about the significant capacity of this market today and, at the same time, a significant deficit in the supply of truly qualified services. What caused this state of affairs?

It must be admitted that there is perhaps no single reason here.

There is a whole range of both external (in relation to the customer society) and internal conditions that make the outsourcing of corporate secretary functions an increasingly popular service. These are both general reasons that work regardless of what functions are outsourced to the client, and reasons specific to the case considered in this article. Among the common reasons, perhaps the most significant are:

  • reducing the cost of implementing a business process (an outsourcer is cheaper due to greater efficiency and a reduction in salary taxes);
  • freeing up internal resources of the company for other purposes;
  • use by the outsourcer of specialized equipment (software), knowledge, technologies.

The specific reasons, I would like to highlight

  • Constant quantitative increase and complication of corporate procedures, the implementation of which the current legislation requires from JSCs and LLCs, regardless of the conditions of their creation and activities.
  • In many respects, the formal nature of the criteria, according to which additional responsibilities are imposed on companies to carry out corporate procedures (first of all, in terms of disclosing information
  • Strict requirements for the forms and terms of documentary registration of the implemented corporate procedures.
  • Uneven, over a long period, distribution of the scope of work for the implementation and documentation to outsource the company secretarial.

All these reasons form the demand for the services of a corporate secretary – an outsourcer.

Now it is necessary to point out the moments due to which this service is very problematic for organizations – consultants. And here again, it is advisable to single out the general (i.e. associated with this type of service in general) reasons, and the reasons inherent in the process of rendering the corporate secretary” service. Based on their importance, the following general problematic points should be highlighted.

We offer a convenient cooperation scheme

  • Make a request: tell Right Staff what kind of secretary you need and for how long
  • Choose a candidate from our suggestions: the Right Staff database includes more than 10,000 job applicants representing 17 specialties. We will select for you those that fully meet your requirements
  • Signing a contract with Right Staff is a simple, standard procedure. No more paperwork related to the hiring of a new employee is required. The very next day, the candidate you have chosen will start performing his duties in your transport company!

 If you like the cooperation with the new secretary so much that you want to register it in your own state, then we will be happy to provide you with such an opportunity.

Outsourcing of administrative functions

Outsourcing is a one-time or permanent service to support the work of our customers. It includes a full range of services in the field of personnel search and selection, the company secretarial, business support, and contractor management which ultimately provides facility of register of RORC for your business.

We conduct comprehensive audits of business processes, develop and implement unique solutions. We are ready to take on such a small area as replacing a secretary at the reception for 1 hour, as well as such work as, for example, digitizing an accounting archive or even repairing a meeting room.

Block of services “Corporate Secretary”

The lack of fruitful interaction between the owners of business entities and top management often leads to the fact that the business entity is drawn into corporate conflicts and is faced with the need to pay administrative fines, and its leaders are brought to administrative and criminal liability.

the owners of the business entity and its top management. By providing these services, our company guarantees compliance with those procedural requirements that ensure the balance of rights and legitimate interests of participants in corporate relations.

Registrars have witnessed a big increase in demand for external company secretarial services. More companies are realising that successful outsourcing of this function is right down to finding the proper corporate support firm, one which is very experienced and reliable, competitively priced and which offers a comprehensive range of wider support services.

Many companies are now being incorporated without this role in situ , creating an instantaneous demand for company administration services, whether meaning simply keeping the statutory books or the supply of full company secretarial services. At just one occasion , outsourcing this role was seen as a more costly option than employing someone in-house, however with the arrival of more third party companies offering this service.

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