Privacy Policy

One of our priority duty of Over Orbit is protecting our users’ privacy. These privacy policies will be cover all the details about how the website work and what it collects from its users and visitors. You should read this privacy policies with Terms and Conditions of the website. By using this website, you hereby agree to accept and comply with our privacy policies. 

Information Collected by the Website

If the website wants to collect any information from you, it will be clearly mentioned at the point of collecting them. Without your consent, the website will not collect any information from you. The website does not share its users’ information with third parties.


The website (Over Orbit / use cookies to understand users, interest about the websites and its content. The website does not deliberately collect any harmful details about its users. We use these data for optimizing the user experience by customizing the website.

Advertising and Advertising Partners

The website may work with some advertising partners. List of those advertising partners will be published here for your information. Over Orbit will update this list time to time when necessary. Our advertising partners may use cookies to collect data for enhancing and optimizing user experience on their advertisements. Their cookies policy or privacy policy will not be covered by our cookies policy or privacy policies. You can find their cookies policy and privacy policy by visiting the advertiser’s website, which is mentioned on the above list. Therefore, these privacy policies cannot be applied to advertisers, or third party websites that link to our website or link by our website.   

GDPR Data Protection Rights

Over Orbit comply with the GDPR Data Protection Rights

Child Protection

Over Orbit will not willingly collect child’s information who use the website. However, it is parents’ and guardians’ responsibility to observe and monitoring children’s online activities.