Programmatic Advertising: 5 Ways to Implement it for Your Business

Traditional advertising is a complex process. Marketers have to collect data and set up ads in strategic places manually. The company has to wait longer to see if the campaign goes well. However, programmatic advertising automates all these tasks that have to do with advertisements.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is the use of software to target an audience effectively. Conventionally, marketers had to identify places to display their ads, purchase ads and monitor campaign performance manually. However, programmatic advertising automates all of these tasks. It frees up marketers to invest their time in product development and other pursuits. Essentially, this method utilises AI-enabled tools and methodologies to help brands automate buying and selling ads. However, choosing suitable software and maintaining it is a challenge; as a result, many brands partner with experts offering digital marketing services.

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Benefits of Programmatic Advertising:

  • Hyper-specific Targeting: Programmatic advertising helps brands collect customer data and use it to target them with precision and accuracy. Brands can target specific customers according to their age, locality, income level, preferences, gender, etc.
  • Real-time Information: Conventional advertising takes a lot of time to gather customer information and deliver results. But programmatic advertising provides brands with real-time analytics and insights to improve campaigns.
  • Higher ROI: Conventional advertising gives no guaranteed results, despite the high costs incurred. Programmatic advertising helps brands spend money effectively and get more returns.
  • Spends Money on the Right People: With the help of the right software, brands can target the right people at the right time. It will result in more sales as much money is saved from showing ads before uninterested people.

Steps to Implement Programmatic Advertising:

Know Your Audience and Industry:

Getting familiar with the audience is necessary for programmatic advertising to get better results. Therefore, many brands work with experts offering digital marketing services to design ads for maximum impact. Such a partnership ensures which ad formats to use and the channels that will give them more reach.

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When brands study their audience, they can put their customers into different segments based on various criteria. It helps them avoid outright demonstrating the ads to uninterested prospects.

Understanding the industry trends and established practices is also essential. Companies must learn what ad formats other companies in the industry are using. By looking at their competitors, they will know the standard rates for displaying ads. All this information will help them make sound decisions and maximise their profits.

Set Advertising Goals: 

Software indeed helps marketers improve their campaign performance. But they should feed the software with data and tell them what to do. Above all, they need to fix their advertising goals before starting their campaign. It provides them with a yardstick against which to measure the results they get. The plans they set should be clear and realistic.

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Companies should have short-term and long-term goals for their campaigns. If something stops them from reaching their long-term goals, they should be flexible and modify their strategy to meet the challenges. Marketers should be willing to test different ad formats and target different personas with their ads to see what works. For long-term strategy, brands should get the digital marketing service of an expert.

Safelisting and Denylisting:

Sometimes the ads end up on sites with inappropriate or offensive material. When customers find the company’s ads in the wrong places, they would doubt its reputation. The compromised brand image would result in decreased sales in the long run. So, companies should ensure that they blacklist the sites where they do not want their ads to show. It is also the reason why many Australian brands hire an SEO company in Adelaide to block inappropriate sites.

Another option is whitelisting to show ads only on specific sites. It limits the brand outreach, but it will reach the right people. As the campaign is more targeted, it will get the company more revenue even though only a few people see the ad.

Watch Out for Fraud:

Programmatic advertising gives more transparency to ad spending. But fraud can still happen, and publishers could attempt to make more money through fraudulent tactics. They can use bots to increase traffic or pay people to click ads. It gives a distorted view of how customers perceive the brand. So, it is necessary to be on the watch out for fraud. Companies should partner with reputed SEO companies in Adelaide to ensure that this does not happen.


Programmatic advertising shows how machines can make up for human failures. But it is too much of a stress to use software to solve every problem and make key decisions. A combination of human intelligence and machine learning is needed for successful campaigns.

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