Protect Your Vehicle From Damage With These Accessories

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Protecting your vehicle from damage is extremely important for maintaining its appearance, performance, and longevity. Whether you drive an SUV, truck, or sedan, many types of accessories are available to safeguard your car’s front, rear, underside, and interior. This article will discuss some of the most valuable accessories to prevent damage and keep your vehicle looking its best. The accessories covered include bull bars, grille guards, rear bumper guards, hitch-mounted bumper protectors, skid plates, rock sliders, window visors, window tinting, car covers, and a Sprinter bumper. Installing one or more of these accessories can help deflect minor impacts, reduce scratching and chipping, protect the underside from debris, and shield the interior from sun damage. Keep reading to learn about each accessory’s key benefits, types, and installation process.

Front-End Protection

Installing front-end protection accessories can help absorb impact from minor collisions, defend against parking lot bumps and scrapes, and prevent bug damage to your grille and hood. Popular front-end protection options include bull bars and grille guards.

Bull Bars

Bull bars are tubular structures made from stainless steel attached to the front bumper. Did you know that they absorb impact from minor front-end collisions to reduce damage to your bumper, hood, and radiator? They even protect headlights, turn signals, and grille from scratches and cracks, with attached bull bars, you may create an aggressive, rugged look for trucks and SUVs and even offer a convenient place to mount LED lights for improved visibility while driving. There are several styles of bull bars, including round, hoop, and low-profile designs to match different vehicle makes and models. Installation is straightforward using existing mounts and hardware. However, you may need to trim the bull bar or drill holes to create a secure fit.

Grille Guards

Like bull bars, grille guards attach to the front bumper to protect the fragile grille and headlights. They shield the grille, headlights, and turn signals from debris, and minor impacts and prevent bug damage to the grille and hood. They showcase aggressive styling on trucks and Jeeps with an ideal place to mount fog lights or auxiliary lights. Grille guards come in various styles, including round, mess, and low-profile designs. Installation utilizes existing holes and hardware for a custom factory fit. Some minor trimming or drilling may be necessary for optimal placement.

Rear-End Protection

Protecting your vehicle’s rear bumper and hatch can prevent expensive repairs from backup mishaps and minor collisions in parking lots. Useful accessories include rear bumper guards and hitch-mounted bumper protectors.

Rear Bumper Guards

Rear bumper guards attach to your existing bumper’s top or rear surface. They shield the rear bumper and hatch/tailgate from dents and scratches during loading/unloading. They even absorb impact from minor rear-end accidents to prevent body damage. They prevent shopping carts and other loads from damaging the bumper and tail lights. And lastly, they still offer a stylish accent that complements the rear design. You can find chrome, stainless steel, and black powder-coated designs to match your vehicle. Installation is easy, with no drilling required. The guards affix securely using existing holes and attach points.

Hitch Mounted Bumper Protectors

A hitch-mounted bumper protector is a smart choice for vehicles with a hitch receiver. It allows significant impact absorption for enhanced rear-end protection. As a result, there is a greater coverage area to protect the bumper, hitch, and tailgate from damage. You can prevent scratches when loading bikes, gear, or accessories into the bed or rear cargo area. These protectors come in round, square, and rectangular tube designs to deliver maximum coverage. Simply slide the protector into your receiver hitch and secure it with a locking hitch pin. No tools or drilling are required.

Window Protection

Another vulnerable area prone to scrapes, chips, and sun damage is your vehicle’s windows. Window visors and tinting are excellent options to protect your glass.

Window Visors

Window visors are slim deflectors that mount above your window. They redirect wind and debris over the window to prevent chipping of exterior glass edges. Window visors allow you to crack windows in inclement weather while reducing rain and snow intrusion. They even help circulate air inside the cabin and reduce heat on hot days as well as offering a custom styling accent that enhances the exterior appearance. Most visors are installed with 3M adhesive tape and clipped to the door frame for a quick, simple process. No drilling is required. Select tinted or clear polycarbonate and acrylic plastic models to match your car or truck.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Car Cover

Using a fitted car cover anytime your vehicle is parked protects it from dust, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, and other environmental contaminants. You no longer have to worry about dings, scratches, and paint oxidation caused by UV rays. Frost, snow, and ice buildup during winter weather storage that are usually a concern, don’t have to be anymore. Choose a breathable fabric that repels water yet allows moisture, vapor, and heat to escape. Installation simply involves placing the cover over your vehicle and securing it with the integrated strap system.


Every vehicle has vulnerable rear and side panels prone to damage. Installing a Sprinter bumper allows you to shield vulnerable rear and side panels from damage during deliveries, parking, and loading. They absorb minor impacts and collisions to prevent body damage and hence prevent costly Steel tube and frame options are powder coated for durability and available in several sizes to fit different models. Professional installation ensures a secure fit. Some drilling may be required.


Installing protective accessories tailored to your vehicle is a smart, affordable way to maximize its lifespan and appearance. Whether you want to shield the exterior from scratches and dents or prevent interior sun damage, there are various options to suit your needs. Consider adding bull bars, grille guards, bumper protectors, skid plates, rock sliders, window visors, tinting, or covers to keep your vehicle looking its best for years. With simple DIY or professional installation, you can protect vulnerable areas prone to damage and costly repairs.