r/environment – Climate-Driven Flood Damage Threatens Towns Across U.S.

“Any entity claiming that they can provide insight or comparison to the Risk Rating 2.0 initiative, including premium amounts, is misinformed and setting public expectations that are not based in fact,” writes David Maurstad, the senior executive of the National Flood Insurance Program, in an email to NPR. “If you don’t have the finances you need to recover, then families have to make really difficult trade-offs, like maybe forgo spending on medical expenses because otherwise you don’t have a safe home,” says Carolyn Kousky, the executive director of the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Diana and her husband spent tens of thousands of dollars raising the backyard by a foot, putting in a new drain, installing new sump pumps in the basement and sealing the walls of their house.

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