r/environment – Introducing Veena Sahajwalla

Veena Sahajwalla is an Australian scientist and engineer known for her innovative use of recycled materials. She is strongly motivated to ensure waste doesn’t enter landfills. She focuses on practical, commercial uses of waste materials to produce industrial solutions. She developed “green steel” based on the recycling of used tires. Her current interests are microfactories, 3D printing from textiles and eliminated e-waste, automotive waste and used battery waste.

Veena is facilitating the roll out of safe, cost-effective ‘waste to value’ solutions via her unique microfactory model, which brings the solution to the (waste) problem for the first time. In future, these small-scale microfactories will enable local communities to produce many of the products, materials and resources they need locally, using resources largely derived from waste. This new approach promises to disrupt today’s highly centralised, vertically integrated industrial model and its mass global markets, as agile, scale technologies drive the decentralisation of manufacturing, with positive economic and social impacts. 

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