r/environment – To Keep Indigenous Women Safe Joe Biden Must Go Beyond Keystone XL: Population booms caused by resource extraction sites and nearby temporary housing, or man camps, create a “hotbed” for criminal activity that disproportionately harms Indigenous communities.

Cheek said pipelines and their construction amount to “genocide,” and hopes Biden stops the Line 3 and the Dakota Access pipelines. So far, Biden hasn’t said whether he will axe them, but a White House spokesperson told VICE World News the new administration will “evaluate infrastructure proposals” based on the U.S.’ energy needs, and a project’s ability to create union jobs and achieve economy-wide net zero emissions by 2050.

“It would be hypocritical if Biden left them because they’re going to cause the same damage KXL would have,” Cheek said. “If you look at pipelines, they’re on the borders of reservations, making people unsafe. When pipelines break, they destroy communities, contaminate water.”

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