r/environment – Trump’s worst 5 environmental policies.

I made this short twitter thread on Trump’s 5 worst environmental policies. I’d love to connect with more people there!

  1. Withdrew from the Paris Agreement, which is an agreement between 195 nations to cut their emissions.

  2. Replaced CAFE Vehicle Rule with SAFE Vehicle Rule which brought down the fuel efficiency improvement standards from 5% to 1.5% per year, giving the sector the freedom to keep on polluting and innovate slowly.

  3. Tried to rollback the Methane Waste Prevention Rule that prohibits oil and gas operators from venting natural gas and methane into the air.

  4. Proposed to loosen up the carbon dioxide emission limit for coal plants by almost 35% while citing his distrust in carbon capture technology, thereby allowing them to pollute more and reducing the incentive to innovate.

  5. Is relaxing wastewater contamination rules to protect the water supplies from mercury, arsenic, lead, and other toxic components of coal ash. This carcinogenic nonsense to save the coal industry a mere $140M/yr.

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