r/hockey – [Friedman] Preliminary word is that NYR Artemi Panarin won’t play the rest of the season.

It makes me irrationally angry that we have to deal with a Dept. of Player Safety that needs some kind of arbitrary situation to force their hand. If they actually cared about their players then Wilson would no doubt be getting a half season suspension. There is some actual doubt that he won’t get a long enough suspension.

He wouldn’t have to be taking out a superstar to expect them to actually do their damn job. This isn’t nearly as bad as the Moore incident but this has to be a similar point in Wilson’s career where he needs to be taken off the ice for the good of all players. I hope he would look in the mirror and realize he could end a player’s career with these type of chicken shit plays but that would mean he had self awareness. Shame on any fans or even trolls saying this is all good for the game or this would happen in the 80s/90s.

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