r/hockey – [Marchand] ESPN has signed Leah Hextall to do NHL play-by-play beginning next season, The Post has learned.

This is a first, right? A regular play-by-play from a woman? That’s fucking badass.

For suitability for the role, I kick that can a little down the road. Get her for a few years and she’ll inevitably develop. Then she’ll just be someone you either like or dislike for valid reasons–but for developing on-air voices, like Singh, I’d rather “evaluate” them once they’ve, you know, developed. It takes time.

And the best part is, something like this being normalized over the next few years means a broadening scope of female talent in the future. There being one woman play-by-play announcer sets a precedent that ideally ends with a greater variety of talent.

Great news on a theoretical level. Personally, I will only hear her in highlight packages, so the impact on me is almost purely theoretical.

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