How Cover Letter is Different from Resume

Knowing how to write a cover letter that will grab an employer’s attention and help you secure the job you want can be tricky. While your resume may have many pages detailing every work experience and accomplishment under the sun, your cover letter needs to be more concise – and far more engaging if you want to stand out in the hiring process. If you’re wondering how to write a cover letter, here are some ideas to get you started.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a one-page letter that accompanies your resume when you apply for a job. A cover letter provides an opportunity to introduce yourself and your background, explain why you’re a good fit for a specific job, and set yourself apart from other candidates. Unlike resumes, which typically follow a standard structure with information in a particular order, there are no real rules when it comes to creating or writing cover letters.

Why do you need to write a cover letter for your resume?

You might be wondering: Why do I need to write a cover letter if my resume speaks for itself? A resume includes your work history and shows employers that you have experience. However, an employer may miss out on other important details about you by simply looking at your resume. A cover letter allows you to highlight skills, experiences, and knowledge that may not come across in your resume. This is a great opportunity to showcase your personality and get noticed for all of your skills!

When do you need to use a cover letter instead of just submitting your resume via email?

When applying for a job that requires a cover letter, you should include one with your resume. If an employer posts a job listing that asks you to email your resume directly to him or her, sending it in PDF format without any accompanying text will make it appear as if you didn’t put any thought into applying for the position. It’s always a good idea to customize your resume and cover letter for each specific job posting. This can be helpful if multiple jobs require similar qualifications; however, customized cover letters are also beneficial when applying for more varied positions. Even if multiple postings ask applicants to send their resumes via email, each one may have different requirements regarding format and length of each document.

What should you include in your cover letter?

Many job seekers believe that a cover letter and resume are essentially the same. It’s best to treat them as two different documents with their specific purposes. Although a cover letter should certainly include some of your experience and accolades, its primary function is to connect your experience to an open position by explaining how you can help solve whatever challenges that the company might be facing. A good cover letter can also explain what sets you apart from other candidates. The best cover letters take time: Be sure to proofread your document carefully before submitting it for consideration because a bad or hastily written example could end up hurting more than helping. You can make perfect cover letter by getting best cover letter services through a best services provider like

Are there any specific mistakes you should avoid making when writing a cover letter?

There are some obvious ones, like writing in text-speak or addressing your letter to Whom It May Concern. But those mistakes are easy to avoid. The bigger mistake people make when writing a cover letter is using it as an opportunity to repeat everything they put in their resume—or worse, reiterate why they left their last job. Save that info for when you get called in for an interview! Instead, focus on how your skills and experience will bring value to their company. Another mistake I see all too often? Writing a long-winded cover letter when a short one would do.


Although a cover letter and resume are similar in certain ways, there are major differences between them. By understanding these differences, you can take full advantage of cover letter writing services that can help you land your dream job. All it takes is a little extra research on your part, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving success with career365 and other top cover letter writing services.