RNI registration: The right to start your own newspaper in India

RNI registration is not just the authorization to start a newspaper in India anymore, it has become the need of the hour. With more and more newspapers turning into entertainment outlets rather than actual news, it’s time to shake the foundation and start your own. In this article, we cover all the necessary aspects of RNI registration that you need to understand before filing the application.

I miss those days when I looked forward to reading a newspaper. I used to wake up, step out of my house for some light stretching. And as I used to stretched down with my eyes closed, I could smell the faint smell of a newspaper – signalling a new day has begun.

Those days doesn’t exist for me anymore. With every passing day, newspapers have devolved from information-giving tools of empowerment to mind-numbing medium of heated discussions and stupid debates.

It’s time to take the charge yourself; time to start your own newspaper in India.

In this article, we are going to discuss about RNI registration, the primary license to start your newspaper in India.

What is RNI Registration?

To understand RNI registration, you need to understand the meaning of RNI. RNI stands for Registrar of Newspaper in India. It’s the body that maintains a register of active newspapers and watches over the content published on them on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

To obtain the right to start your own publication – whether it’s newspaper, periodical or magazine, you have to register yourself with the Office of Registrar of Newspaper in India. And the process is not just about paying the right newspaper registration fees, it’s also about understanding the aspects of the application.

The process to file the RNI registration application

Application to register your newspaper with the RNI, unlike other forms of business registrations, involves two stages.

  1. In the first stage, you need to get the approval to use the name.
  2. In the second stage, approval is given to the content of the newspaper.

Let’s tackle the first stage of newspaper registration

  1. Choose the right title for your newspaper: Newspaper title is not just your brand name, it’s a name that bears a meaning, It should thus send a message accentuating upon the fact that you are providing real news.
  2. Once you have chosen the title, find out how to check RNI registration. Why? The reason is your chosen newspaper title might not be unique, and you have to try and come up with new ones in case that “might” turns into a certainty
  3. Start filing the online application: Here are the steps to obtain the title approval from the Registrar of Newspaper in India.
    1. Go the official RNI website
    2. Fill the application form
    3. Submit the form along with the requires RNI registration fees.
    4. Download the filled application form
    5. Attach the required documents to it
    6. Send it to the SDM of your district
    7. Receive the title verification letter.

Let’s get approval for the content of your newspaper

  1. Draft a declaration on a stamp paper that you’ve obtained the title verification letter.
  2. Take this letter to the SDM.
  3. Let him authenticate this letter.
  4. After authentication, you get a set number of days to publish your first copy:
    1. For daily or weekly published newspaper, you get 42 days.
    1. For fortnightly or monthly published periodical/newspaper, you get 90 days.
  5. Submit the first copy at the RNI office,
  6. Get the approval for the content. You’ll then be granted RNI registration certificate.


Did we miss something? Yes, what is the RNI registration fees. The government cost if set at 2000 rupees per application. As for the professional cost, it would vary from company to company. To get the right offer, you thus have to contact the right company who doesn’t only care about providing you with affordable services, but quality ones as well.

That’s where Registrationwala comes in. Get started with RNI registration with our experts today.

RNI registration is the license to start a newspaper in India. What is it? How to obtain it? And how you can get the best RNI registration professionals? Know the answers to them in this blog.

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