Satanic Temple challenges 18 states’ abortion laws with religious exemption claim : politics


I have mad respect for those leading the charge in ST .. They developed what they call an Abortion Ritual, and its great!

“Tenet Three says that a person’s body is subject only to their own will, and Tenet Six states that a Satanist’s beliefs should conform to their best scientific understanding of the world. The abortion ritual involves reciting those two tenets and a personal affirmation of one’s self as a Satanist.

Goodwin says that by performing the ritual, Satanists can proclaim their right to have a medically safe abortion without restriction under the federal Religious Freedoms Restoration Act, which prohibits any government agency from infringing on someone practicing their religion. That means that in states such as Florida, a Satanist can claim religious privilege and be exempt from those requirements, according to the Satanic Temple.

“Many abortion regulations have no scientific purpose or are unnecessary. They only instill guilt and shame in someone having an abortion,” Goodwin argues.”



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