Secure Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers professional data recovery and digital forensics services for all types of storage media. They offer services for flash USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, and legacy storage systems. In addition, their services include remote diagnostics and repair. They have been audit by SSAE 16 and offer a modular cleanroom bench. Using a modular cleanroom bench, they can recover data from a variety of media, including your laptop, hard drive, or memory card.

The company was start by two brothers who were concern about the high cost of data recovery services. When their college hard drive fail, the two brothers sought help from the local data recovery lab and were quote a price of $3000 for the recovery process. At that time, few college students could afford such an expensive price tag.

With over 5,000 manage IT service providers and computer repair businesses relying on its services, Gillware has proven to be an invaluable asset in restoring data from damage storage devices. Its website is easy to navigate, and you can receive an accurate price estimate before the process starts. DriveSavers is another world-class data recovery service provider and has help celebrities like Will Ferrell, Bruce Willis, and Harrison Ford recover lost data. This company has been restoring data for individuals, companies, and governments for over three decades, and it has been the trust choice for clients and celebrities alike.

Secure Data Recovery Services

It has been audited by SSAE 16

If you are worry that your data has been lost, you need to know that many companies have been audit by SSAE 16 for data security. Data recovery providers handle tens of terabytes of data every year, and the company’s internal workflow is design to prevent data loss. In order to be certified by SSAE 16, they must pass stringent auditing criteria.

SSAE 16 is a standard develope to ensure the security of information and processes. It has become a fundamental part of information security compliance, and third-party assurance has increase in importance. It is use by companies, internet service providers, and data centers to prove compliance with regulations. These organizations are expect to provide clients with the highest level of security and privacy, and SSAE 16 provides the assurance that their company is audit.

It has a modular cleanroom bench

Modular cleanroom benches have several advantages for data recovery. One of the main advantages is the reduce cost of data recovery. By using a cleanroom bench instead of a complete cleanroom enclosure, a data recovery service can work on several data recovery cases at the same time. Another advantage is the ISO-5 certification, which enables data recovery services to reduce their costs by 50%. Whether you’re looking for a local or online data recovery service, these cleanroom benches will help you save time and money.

Another major advantage of secure data recovery services is that they’re ISO-14644-1-certifiy. They also operate in Class 100 clean rooms, and have a modular cleanroom bench. They’re also Microsoft Registerd Partners, and have extensive experience performing recovery jobs with Microsoft Exchange and SQL databases. They’re the only data recovery services in the United States with cleanrooms that meet ISO-14644-1 standards and are fully equip for the most complex data recovery jobs.

It offers remote diagnostics and repair

Secure data recovery services is a dedicate resource for email and file recovery. They own facilities and invest heavily in their research and engineering team. Secure data recovery services can repair and restore damage files from almost any device. You can get a free evaluation and quote and have your device repaire in as little as one day. They offer a variety of remote diagnostic and repair services as well as emergency onsite data recovery. Secure data recovery services are able to fix most of the leading file formats.

The secure data recovery services team has top security certifications and state-of-the-art cleanrooms. They have specialize tools and engineers that can handle tough drive crashes. You can use remote data recovery services for NAS and SAN drives. Using specialize tools and certified cleanroom facilities, they can repair almost any type of disk or memory. Furthermore, they have adequate security credentials and can even perform repair and diagnostics remotely.

It provides digital forensics investigation

The world has become incredibly connect and computers have infiltrate all aspects of our lives. Most investigations today target computers and mobile devices, so the technology need for digital forensics investigation is also becoming increasingly complex. Fortunately, there are forensic companies out there that are skill in detecting alterations to digital evidence and recovering it. Secure Data Recovery Services offers digital forensics investigation and professional data recovery services to help businesses and individuals recover lost, delete, and corrupt files.

In most cases, a corrupt Master File Table prevents the computer from knowing where it is stor. When this happens, the computer will not boot up or load the operating system, preventing the investigation from starting. However, in some cases, the file system itself is still intact. In these cases, forensic tools and techniques are use to bypass the operating system, restoring data. Secure data recovery services also perform digital forensic investigations.