Slader homework app for iPhone and iPad

You may use the Slader homework app for iPhone and iPad to help you with your arithmetic homework. If you’re having trouble with math, the slader math homework app can help you out by acting as a virtual math instructor. Download slader app

This homework-assistance program provides millions of free step-by-step solutions to all of the questions in the most popular middle school, high school, and college textbooks.

Math homework help, science homework help, Spanish homework help, history homework help, economics homework help, and much more. If you’re in a higher math class, you can even get the Slader calculus app. Let’s take a closer look at Slader to determine if it’s one of the most useful homework applications for students.

what is Slader Homework app?

Slader was intended to aid with arithmetic problems at all levels, so you don’t have to ask your dog, a friend, or try to persuade your older brother to assist you. It’s a crowd-sourced platform where high school and college students contributed answers and solutions to math and scientific challenges.

It is the invention from students for students, so you can see a range of approaches to the same problem. The app is free, but a $4.99 monthly membership is mandatory.

When you join up for the app, you will receive two free homework solutions every day. If your math text is in, you’ll be able to choose the book, look up your current homework, and get help getting to start.

You’re good to go as long as there were only a few items that you couldn’t figure out. If not, the $4.99 per month is still less than the cost of a tutoring session.

Digital slader Tutor

Slader is a type of online tutor. You can use the app to search up your math and science textbooks, as well as English and history textbooks. This feature isn’t available in the app yet, but if you’re having trouble with either of those subjects, you can look them up online.

This app also has a chat option, so if you have a question, you can ask one of the live agents, and they will respond as soon as possible. It’s also possible to show the tutors what you’ve been working on. You can send them a photo of your homework, and they will review it and assist you in finishing what you’ve begun.

By purchasing a High School+ subscription, you can get rid of adverts in the slader homework app and on the web. With a College+ subscription, you’ll get access to all of the Slader calculus app’s solutions, including our advanced upper level books.

Pros and Cons of Slader App

  • App is available for free.
  • Every day, you will receive two free solutions.
  • Upload a photo of your work to show the digital tutor.
  • Online homework helpers are available to help.
  • There are numerous textbooks from which to choose in order to create your own textbook.
  • If you need more in-depth support, there’s a $4.99 monthly subscription, but it’s still less than a personal instructor.

Sam Giddins, a senior at Scarsdale Senior High School in Scarsdale, NY, created Slader’s new app functionality while he was still a student. Giddins was looking for an internship when he discovered that Slader, a popular website among his peers, was also situated in New York City. Throughout the development process, Giddins steered the app development in the direction of the minds of the users.

Some more features and advantages

  • Students can earn Slader “Gold,” a virtual currency that can be traded for real money, by offering it to peers as a reward for accomplishing certain homework problems.
  • Solve actual homework problems: If a student needs help with a homework problem, they can use the mobile app to give Gold, take a picture of the problem, and submit it on Slader for another student to solve. Students can also take a picture of their completed homework and post it to, where they will be rewarded with Gold.
  • Interact directly with peers: Students can peruse textbooks and exchange explanations and replies with one another regardless of their geographical location.


Slader is an educational tool that aids in the completion of math and science assignments. You don’t have to ask your dog, sibling, or beg a friend for help because you have a digital tutor right in your phone.

This software will assist you in improving your skills by providing two free solutions each day. You can subscribe for $4.99 a month if you need additional assistance. This is not a big rate, and it is certainly less expensive than hiring a private instructor. If you require additional assistance, you may always use this software in conjunction with a tutor.

Overall, this program is well-designed, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs assistance in high school to college-level arithmetic.

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