Funny And Cool Snapchat Private Story Names Ideas

Snapchat is an app which is available for users since 2011 and has gained too much popularity since then. It was developed by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy as a means to send pictures and videos which can be viewed for 10 seconds only before they disappear completely. 

Snapchat private stories are also quite popular among users as more and more users are creating them on regular basis, in this blog, we have some amazing Snapchat story ideas which you can use for your private stories. 

We got a mix of funny as well as cool names which you can use so, so without any further extra comments let us begin to know about the snap story names, we have collected for you. 

Private Story on Snapchat – What Does it Mean?

Private stories on Snapchat actually are videos or photos which you can share with your friends only on the platform, a group of people can be invited to see your story, and not only this but they will also receive alerts when new posts are available for them. 

Private stories last for about 24 hours before they disappear on their own, and they are perfect for events, gatherings, and for private moments with which they also allow you to share a story that is just for your friends to see.

What Should You Name your Private Story?

Now, comes the actual question which is, what should you name your private story and this is where we can help you to be cool and creative and set fantastic private story names

Some people combine their names with some or other words, which is good as the name should be recognizable so that your friends are able to find it easily. 

Name Ideas for Snapchat Private Stories 

If you want to come up with a catchy and creative name for your private story then here are the ideas which you can follow. You can try some funny names for your story so that people can get to know about your humoristic side. 

Funny Names for Snapchat Private Stories – 

  • Trash: Just like you and me 
  • What’s up, Privates?
  • What brings you here?
  • (Your name)’s boring life 
  • Biggest clown of the town 
  • Balls of steel 
  • Lazy pazy 
  • Trouble maker 
  • Because I’m worth it 
  • How to prevent me 
  • Right from mars 
  • First time for everything 
  • Smelly lion 
  • Designated drinkers 
  • Crying lord
  • Girlfriends and chill 
  • Stranger with a smile 

If you do not want to go with the funny names, here are some cool names which you can use for your Snapchat story names. 

Cool Names for Snapchat Private Stories – 

  • Don’t be hard on me 
  • Stay petty 
  • Hate Mondays 
  • Love Saturdays 
  • Don’t judge be my story 
  • Play with your life 
  • Life a journey 
  • The story of a lost soul 
  • I’m just living how I want to 
  • Free to taste 

Good Private Names for Snapchat Private Stories

Good personal story names for Snapchat are pleasant. Even though these titles might not constantly be humorous, they’re continually accurate in their personal methods. The list has a variety of options to select from so that you can locate one that is ideal in your account! This mixture consists of adorable and clever puns all the way to more critical and concept-provoking subjects. In any case, no longer everything has to be a laugh rebellion. We are sure that you may find the appropriate name on your account within this listing! Right here are some Snapchat true personal story names ideas:

  • Who am I? Meet the real me!
  • Try not to be hard on urself
  • Laugh now cry later!
  • My cat’s name is Chubby
  • Be kind to one another
  • Best things in life are free
  • It takes courage to love
  • I don’t like Mondays
  • Stay petty
  • Don’t judge a book by cover
  • “Yes” to everything today
  • I’m not perfect but I try
  • Haters make me stronger
  • Laughter is d best medicine
  • Play with life
  • You are uniquely special
  • No filter needed here!
  • My life in photos & videos!
  • This is a private story for me only
  • Just being me
  • Blessed with bad decisions

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