Steps to find a job in Canada

Seeking jobs in Canada? Here are 7 steps to can guide you to look for your dream job in Canada today

While Canada boasts a wide range of career opportunities, people looking to apply for them can still be baffled by the entire procedures in the background. If you’ve been thinking of applying for jobs in the Canadian nation, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tried to make a comprehensive guide for the job hunting prospects which would not only help you with applying for your favored career but also would help you out with understanding the Express Entry Programs run by the Canadian government for skilled workers.

Crafting your resume:

Your resume is your first step towards applying for your desired job in Canada. A well-drafted CV not only displays your skills to the recruiters but also sets you apart in the eyes of your potential employers. Following the Canadian resume, the guide is a very crucial piece of advice to keep in mind while coming up with your CV as it would make it crisper and would help you filter what exactly your recruiters are looking for. Since first impressions matter a lot, your CV holds a lot of importance amongst the recruiters. Making sure the resume is up to the standards is the initiation into the Canadian job market.

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Choose your options:

Research and basic market information play a huge role in choosing the correct job of your liking. Blindly applying to all online ads for a job hardly ever results in a fulfilling result. One big mistake that people do is sending the same cover letters and resumes to all the companies. Making sure that your documents pertain to and highlight the specifics that the vacancy or the recruiter is looking for, instead of flooding all the employers with the same documents.


Show your enthusiasm:

Having a vibrant and positive demeanor is not only the desired quality in life but is also a highly sought-after trait by employers. Being courteous and polite helps greatly. A small mention of your gratitude or a simple “thank you” goes a long way in separating you from your other competitors in the eyes of your recruiters.


Endorsements matter a lot:

In Canada, if you have the right references, job hunting becomes a much easier process. Strong and genuine endorsements have a higher chance of being preferred over the other applicants by the recruiters in Canada. That’s why getting the endorsements of your previous employers matters a lot, as long as it is pertaining to the field you’re applying to.

Using the tools to your advantage:

Utilizing the platforms like LinkedIn can result in very favorable outcomes. Making use of all the professional apps that help enhance your cv is a great way to draw the attention of recruiters towards yourself as well as make you look professional and stand out in the crowd.

Building a Network:

Networking plays a major role in the market when applying for jobs. Building your contacts helps you being in touch with a lot of sections from the job pool. Along with that, it might also be a means to get more information into the vacancies within communities and not advertised requirements. The power of “word of mouth” networking is highly underrated. By helping the community and being a contributing and valuable member of the Canadian nation, one can come across numerous opportunities to make important connections that help you grow towards your desired career.
Going out and making contacts make you familiar with the locale and are important too as confident inter-personal skills are looked favorably upon by the recruiters. Volunteering could be an excellent way to meet and get to know people from the community. In this way, you can help out where it is required and also establish new contacts which are very crucial in order to succeed in a new place.

Express Entry Programs:

The Canadian government runs its Express Entry Programs which aids the entry in the employability market for skilled workers. The applicants enter a pool where they are ranked under a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in accordance with their merits of being eligible. The candidates that rank higher are more likely to get an invite early for applying. Requirements for applying for the Express Entry Programs are listed below

  • The applicant must be under the age of 30 years
  • The applicant must hold at least two bachelor degrees or a master’s degree
  • The applicant should display a high proficiency in English and/or French in the Canadian Language Benchmark level, at least an eight.
  • The applicant must have at least 3 years of skilled work experience in his/her area of expertise.
  • The above-mentioned factors are undoubtedly crucial players when it comes to applying for jobs in Canada but one must not forget the most important aspect, which is you. With your well-planned and directed efforts, you can easily navigate through the job market and be sailing at your pace in your desired path.

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