Supreme Guide For Tiktok Advertising – How Do Ads Work On Brands?

TikTok continuously blooms from the day of its existence. Through short-form videos, creators can connect with audiences. Strong content survives the TikTok platform. TikTok stats states that there are about 689 million monthly active users. A single video can gain massive audience engagement when the content is worthier. A video’s success lies in the number of likes, followers, and views. 

A video can cover up to 15 to 60 seconds long content, which is more than enough to reach a community of audiences. However, TikTok influencer campaigns serve well by providing brand exposure to users. Influencers act as intermediates between brand owners and audiences. 

Advertising is another important factor that helps businesses to earn profit through ads. Let’s discuss how the advertising campaigns work on TikTok. 

Why Is Tiktok Advertising Necessary?

TikTok is a familiar platform with such a vast audience. Advertising on TikTok is necessary because it is filled mainly with Gen Z. The younger audiences are the fundamental factor for the reach of brands. Let’s get started on why TikTok advertising serves a big cheese:

  1. Tiktok Ads Reaches Diverse Audiences 

Do you know Gen Z is the younger audience, in which some are creators? The age cover-up is between 16 and 24. The range of the younger audiences is about 41%, which means 59% of users are called Gen Z, millennials, and baby boomer generations. Due to the covid pandemic, people reside continuously on TikTok with a purpose. 

  1. Tiktok Is Easy And Affordable

Reality tells us that creating a TikTok campaign isn’t a burden. Many brands, including small businesses, don’t regret the TikTok ad campaigns. Create authentic and engaging content and keep track of the platform’s data. There are so many resources to help you during the TikTok ad campaign. Businesses are providing advertisers with $100M.

  1. Advertise To Potential TikTok Customers

Some people consider TikTok to be the app that drives the most screen time. The usage of TikTok on an upward trend is worthier, which provides more opportunities for advertisers. Trends can help advertisers connect with engaged consumers with the help of ads. Advertisers have never-ending trends with the highest reach on trending dances, hashtag challenges, and TikTok’s daily. 

  1. Showcase Products Effectively

Authenticity-driven content is the unique key factor in TikTok advertising. Comparatively, TikTok can broadcast its authentic selves through style, talents, stories, and creations. A vast mix of concepts provides the opportunity for the video to go viral. Businesses can create brand awareness among their audiences. 

  1. Implementing more marketing strategies

TikTok’s medium is solely for the use of video marketing. Here, advertisers can merge with users through the usage of sound. Other social platforms connect with users through statistical images or short videos. In TikTok, the average user turns up the sound to watch the ad and understands the fact of the ads. 

How Do Tiktok Ads Work On Brands?

Brand advertising provides connections which in turn builds long-term relationships with consumers. Companies aim to gain long-term recognition through brand advertising. There are about two types of advertising: brand advertising and direct response advertising. No matter what, capturing the consumers must be the goal of advertisers.

  1. Direct Response ads

TikTok direct response ads fall under the concept of digital advertising. Here, advertisers can track their performance through ap[p installs, phone numbers, links, and coupon codes. Also, these direct response ads help you with performance insights, better ROI, and a higher conversion rate. Advertisers pay only for the immediate response ads, where the action is complete, not for viewing the ad. 

  1. TikTok Brand Advertising

Even without tracking the brand advertising, it adds value to the brands. When the buyers trust your brand, they stick throughout the journey. Advertising brands is the phase where there is a steady rise in the brand’s exposure. Only by taking action towards the brands, gradually they become loyal customers in the future. Certain stages of brand advertising include: 


Exposure is the phase where the brand proves its own identity. The first delivery creates a first impression which establishes a consistent and positive brand identity through the platform. Brand identity can be of many forms like logo fonts and colors, web presence, and visual elements. Some brands have already developed fame without a recognizable brand name. 


Customers buy products from the brands which they believe in and trust. An effective brand can create impact and build confidence in a short period. One of the best ways is to prioritize and portray the brands as leaders among the competitors. Make a payment to sponsored community events while you launch your brand. 


Best brands will help the prospects by offering solutions and build a strong connection among TikTok audiences. Create videos with valuable content which raises your TikTok follower’s count and makes your profile noticeable. A profile with better engagement and a strong following will increase the chance to take your brand to the next level. 

Tiktok Advertising - How Do Ads Work On Brands?

Ads Manager And Ad Formats

TikTok ads manager is a tool that is solely helpful in tracking advertising campaigns. Also, you can create, launch, manage and track the successions of the ad campaigns. It consists of four attributes, namely: dashboard, drive, library, and reporting. 

Dashboard – Dashboard gives a quick overview of the TikTok ad data where you can modify the tracked performances. In addition, you will get to know more about the budget spent, performance over time, and the active campaigns. 

Campaign – The campaign page will let you know about the ad groups and ads and existing campaigns. You can manage them by clicking the create button, which generates a new ad. 

Library –  TikTok ads library tells you where the ad resources place their way along with the set of ads. You come through other words called creative, pixels, audiences, and many more.

Reporting –  In the reporting section of the TikTok ads manager, you can customize the ad reports. Create a new account using the predefined templates. You can run and schedule the information to the delivery point. 

Ad formats are the way where a product is delivered to the customers via ads. They are of five: 

In-Feed ads – TikTok in-feed ads are displayed on the native news where the user scrolls the videos on For You page. In-feed ads blend well with the curated feeds. So, it is easy for users to scroll past the ads. With these in-feed ads, you can comment & share by interacting with the TikTok advertising videos. A brand can create in-feed ads by adding catchy music. 

Duration: Up to 60 seconds long(Optimal duration is only 15 seconds) 

Brand-Takeover ads – As the name suggests, these ads pop up as soon the user opens the TikTok app. For a while, they take over the screen and then get converted into an in-feed video. In some instances, they show up on the TikTok For You Page also, in the form of still images, GIFs, videos, and even clickable formats. 

Duration: 3 to 5 seconds

TikTok Top-View ads – These TikTok ads are similar to brand-takeover ads, where the ads do not cover the screen when users sign in. To view ads, capture the first in-feed post after 3 seconds. These ads help in creating brand exposure. These top-view ads are displayed as full-screen videos with auto-play and sounds. 

Duration: 60 seconds

TikTok branded-hashtag ads – These TikTok hashtag ads are another popular. Here, users are asked to videotape themselves and post them with defined hashtags. Surf the hashtags from the TikTok discover page and add them to your post. Trending hashtag implementation plays well in this kind of ad. 

Duration: 60 seconds

Branded lenses – TikTok branded lenses allow businesses to create their own filter on the app. It is a great way to engage the audience by creating funnier concepts. You can create a clickable brand effect that acts as a complement to the brands.  

Duration: Last up to 10 days. 

How To Make Your First Ad Campaign?

The first and foremost thing to run an ad campaign is to create the campaign and the objectives of the campaign. Through campaigns, you can choose different goals like app installs and traffic. 

Two ways to create a TikTok ad campaign:

  1. Select the campaign objective
  2. Setup the campaign budget

Ad group creation

Through this, you are able to set ad placements, budget, schedules, target audiences, goals, and bids. 

Create TikTok ad

Once ready with the ad group, create your first TikTok ad. Upload the images or videos and engage them with proper call-to-action. 


When you are done creating the TikTok ad campaign, never forget to track your performance. TikTok has some of the tools in the ads manager. Ads manager tools will help you know more about the performance across your advertising campaigns. Hoping you will benefit from the advertising guide ideas which are specified above. 

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