Terms and Conditions

Over Orbit is a website that engages in various activities including publishing blog posts, content, articles, advertising, etc. All the users (hereinafter mentioned as “You”,“He”,“She”, “They”, “Them” or “user”) who use Over Orbit (hereinafter mentioned as “We”, “website”, “https://overorbit.com”, or “overorbit.com”) in any manner are considered they agree to the Terms and Conditions of the website.


As well as most websites do, Over Orbit uses cookies, for collecting user details in order to retrieve the user to the website again.


Over Orbit owns the intellectual property rights for all material on overorbit.com. All intellectual property rights are reserved. You are not allowed to use anything on overorbit.com without prior written permission from the administrators of the website, including the following.

You must not:

  • Re-publish posts, content, images, and another kind of materials from overorbit.com
  • material use for any commercial purpose from overorbit.com
  • Redistribute content from overorbit.com on other websites or blogs or marketplace

However, users can share blogs and articles on their Social Network platforms such as Facebook or Twitter with the original URL of the original material from overorbit.com.

Furthermore, User may post your ideas, content, and images which does not breach the copyright, intellectual property or trademark of another one, on the website. 

Users are not entitled to use this website for hate speech, insulting someone or something, offensives, and indecent and other type of illegal or unlawful practice. 

Users are not entitled to post or comment in the form of promoting any kind of things, including businesses or products.

Links and Hyperlinks

The website or its administrator have the all rights to insert, remove or alter links in the content which are published on the website with or without inform to the publisher.


The website may allow third-parties to post and share their thoughts, post and/ or other type of things which are covered by these terms & conditions of the website with registration or without registration of the website. However, all the things in any manner or in any types which are published on the website will be properties of the website. 

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the privacy policies of the website here https://overorbit.com/privacy-policy

Exclusive Rights of the website

The website and its administration have all the rights to make changes to its content, posts, blogs and articles, remove part of the content or post or completely remove publications of the website or modify those things without prior notice. 

Over Orbit keep the right to modify and update these policies without prior notice, and works according to the updated terms and conditions. It is users’ responsibility to be updated about the terms and condition of the website by themselves by visiting the terms & conditions section of the website.

Disclaimer Policy

Please refer to our disclaimer policy in this link, https://overorbit.com/disclaimer/