The 10 Best Trekking Locations Near Bangalore

There are some places where trekking is usually easy for you or it’s often difficult. In any case, you’ve to take care of yourself while trekking.

Savandurga Hill

Considered to be one of the foremost important monolith hills in India, the Savandurga range consists of two hills, Karigudda and Billigudda. At the rock bottom of the hills are two temples. The route to the very best takes you to an exquisite fort that’s said to have been built by Kempe Gowda II, from where you will get an outstanding view of Bangalore’s outskirts.


An ideal spot for trekking near Bangalore within the dark, Narayanagiri sees even tourists because you’ll even hire kayaks nearby. The climb to the very best isn’t that difficult; however, there are some parts of the mountain where you’ll got to tread carefully thanks to the deep crevices. From the very best of the mountain, you’ll get an exquisite view of the entire town of Ramanagaram.


Located away from Bangalore, Ramanagara could also be a village in Karnataka. Ramanagara has many short treks that one can start, including one to the spot where they shot Sholay! These treks are perfect for the weekend as climbing up doesn’t take up much of a while , unless you would like to need a while .

Nandi Hills

You have two options to hike to the very best of the Nandi Hills: you’ll trek from either the south or the north of the mountains. The northern side features a correct road and should be a touch more crowded, because it’s additionally employed by cyclists and bikers. If you’d sort of a true trek to the very best , take the southern route.

At the top, you will see the surface of Tipu Sultan’s summer residence and you’ll click amazing photographs from now on. There’s also a temple at the very top of the mountain. You’ll even spend the rest of the day at Nandi Hills and only head back within the evening.

Devarayanadurga Hill

A hill station where Buddha Purnima is widely known with great fanfare in March and April (including a car festival), Devarayanadurga may be a tremendous trek for the whole family. This is often actually because there are three levels. Up to the lowest , the trek is extremely easy and no real effort is required.

At this elevation, you will find the Lakshmi-Narasimha Swamy Temple (at higher levels, the Yoga Narasimha and Bhoga Narasimha temples are often found). The next level could also be tougher, but it’s still doable. Here, you will see a spring and a touch pond.

Madhugiri Hill

One of the higher and more relaxed climbs, Madhugiri Hill is the second-largest monolith hill in Karnataka. Trekking here is pretty easy as there are steps right up to the very best of Capitol Hill . At the very best of Capitol Hill could also be a fort (Madhugiri Fort) that’s rooted in Karnataka’s history.


This trek could also be an assortment, as there are some easy and other very challenging sections.

The landscape is wonderful throughout, with rich flora and fauna; especially, it is a tremendous spot for bird-watching. There are also a few watchtowers from where the encircling areas are best seen.

Skandagiri Hill

Skandagiri could also be a hill located within the Chikballapur district. A difficult trek, it’ll take around five to end , but it’s very fashionable with hiking enthusiasts. You’ll find many groups, including some beginners, trekking up to the very best .


Besides being an outstanding trekking spot, the Anthargange doubles up as a cave exploration site. Capitol Hill offers you the only of both worlds. If you’re keen on taking up challenges, you’ll love the climb up the very best of this 1712-metre mountain.

Along the way, you will need to bend, twist, and crawl, through the tricky path to hunt out your best . A tough, but short trek, it’s also not that distant from the town.

Kunti Betta

A popular trekking trail, Kunti Betta is opted by both amateur and professional trekkers. The route to the very best is picturesque and you’ll find photography enthusiasts bringing large lenses up to the very best , too. Besides this, it also has a  historic vibe.

Many believe that the Pandavas lived with Kunti on this hill. At the peak , you’ll enjoy a bonfire or just check out the stunning sunset or sunrise, depending on what time you reach the very best of Capitol Hill . At a moderate pace, it’ll take you around five hours to beat this peak.

You should enjoy the trekking and tell others about this.