Exploring the Benefits of Cloud PBX: What You Need to Know

What is a PBX?

A Cloud PBX or a Private Branch Exchange is a business phone system that links every desk phone in a workplace to the same network. It enables your company to make free internal calls and unrestricted call transfers. So, any business can have more phone lines than a phone using extensions rather than physical lines.

Many business phone providers offer a cloud-based alternative called a hosted PBX system of the same functionality. But there is no need for on-site installation procedures while using cloud-based solutions.

What is PBX in the Cloud?

The term “cloud PBX” is called virtual PBX and hosted PBX. It is an exchange system designed, delivered, and managed by your service provider. This information processing-based telecommunication solution can be accessed and used online. You can use it with the hosting service for any code provided on a server. Cloud PBX hosts all codes and data in the cloud itself. 

It is a virtual phone and provides a safe and dependable business telephone system through the internet after information processing.

Types of PBXs:

The two main types of PBX systems are cloud PBX and traditional or local PBX.

Cloud PBX: This hosted offshore service is provided over the internet and does not require additional equipment. This can save the costs of infrastructure like servers for storage purposes and staff for maintenance.

On-Premise/ Onsite/ traditional PBX: An onsite PBX is a system that is installed directly on a company server.

Current cloud PBX marketing research:

According to multiple assessments that analyze various market segments, the cloud PBX coding industry is expanding much more quickly. It is advancing faster than it did in previous years and is predicted to do so significantly in the coming years. You must consider while reporting how it could directly or indirectly affect the market, trends, circumstances, and constraints. 

The five primary forces that can significantly affect its usage include;

1. Buyers’ ability to negotiate, 

2. Suppliers’ ability to negotiate, 

3. New entrants, 

4. Substitutes,

5. Level of competition

The majority of market participants are system integrators, intermediaries, and end users. Implementing these cloud PBX solutions has benefited every Organization. Even a significant world is developing into a pre-eminent player in the market for Cloud PBX solutions.

In contrast to a typical PBX, a cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) offers business telephone services over a company’s LAN or WAN data network. 

In the same way as a PBX, VoIP PBX systems are sometimes referred to as IP PBX because they can frequently transfer calls between internet phone users on local lines.

It offers your company several advantages that enhance its communications using its channels. 

How can a Cloud PBX help your business?

Increased Bandwidth Usage: 

A cloud-based PBX is useful for a company since it uses the bandwidth better. Additionally, it enables the elimination and reduction of pointless speech.

Outstanding audio quality: 

This cloud-based PBX system also has the benefit of crystal-clear speech quality while on the call. With good quality, your employees may swiftly communicate with people within and outside your organisation.

Working securely:

Improved security can reduce security threats. Business phone providers use advanced security procedures while maintaining an enterprise’s communications and data security. It can allow for immediate messaging as well.


Innovative elements are very helpful for teamwork suited for both small and large teams. Because cloud telephony offers automated attendants and call-forwarding features. Also, it has efficient conference calling features compatible with mobile devices connected to the internet. 

Besides, adaptation to other commercial systems can optimize the company’s procedures and combine them with other business systems.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Platform:

Businesses today can get unified communications services via systems like cloud PBX systems/internet-based business phone solutions. Many communication options include chat, audio phone calls, web conferences, voicemail, email, and more. These advanced calling features help companies manage their communications better.


Internet-based phone systems have multitasking capabilities. While conversing globally, it is easy to send pictures, documents, and movies.


Cloud phone technology is the most economical choice if your company needs extensive call management. Although the phone system has robust functions, it is nonetheless reasonably priced. It can also be a more affordable option if your company frequently makes long-distance calls. While using a cloud phone system, you save more money as a result because you won’t need to buy new hardware for business communications.

Accessible with preferred device: 

Softphone apps are accessible everywhere, as one can also use your mobile device to access cloud phone system features. Internet-based voice communication is made possible by installing the softphone programme on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Enables modifications or customizations: 

It provides greater customization options to meet the needs of your company.

Strong capabilities that are beneficial for distant work: 

Employing people remotely can further cut costs, and employees can stay connected to the office phone system. Cloud telephony can support the business with advanced features like conference calling, auto-attendant, and rapid video calling. It assures us to improve teamwork. Work from anywhere and earn money as one may communicate with anyone from home offices or abroad due to the remote extensions it offers. Wide communication is possible with this solution, which can enhance teamwork and production to boost your company’s profitability. By this, you can spend exclusively on necessary services and only pay the monthly fees imposed by your ISP using this virtual phone system. 

Business Communication

Cloud phone system benefits for small businesses:

A small business may have a temporary site at first, or it may want to grow. But with Hosted PBX, moving to a new location is straightforward because there is no need for large equipment.

Even if your company expands, updating the phone system is easy as the new location will have its address and phone number. Simply upgrade your subscription. In a natural disaster, you will always have a backup copy of your data saved in the cloud. Data is essential for every size of business, as many security layers protect cloud-based phone systems.

They ensure availability even in the event of a natural calamity. A business cloud phone system is the best option if your company has numerous divisions at different locations. It provides as many extensions as required for your business without IT complications.

Customer Experience:

Additionally, an IVR system makes it relatively easy to route calls to these departments. Automated support provides your customers with a self-service option and an efficient routing method. They offer the finest client experience, a user-friendly platform for your agents, and a dependable way for management to monitor every activity continuously.


Your business might be prudent to invest in a Cloud-based phone system. Because in the present day, all corporate industries are dominated by cloud communication. They offer the company far more trustworthy, secure, and economic capabilities than conventional phone systems. 

Vitel Global offers;


  • Branch office support
  • Remote add-ons
  • An online receptionist
  • Call logging
  • Reporting
  • VoIP faxing
  • Real-time operator panel in flash
  • Phone conference
  • Call forwarding
  • Billing
  • Auto-attendant and many more

The benefits show that our cloud phone systems are great for start-ups and small businesses

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