The way of obtaining a payment gateway license in India

Payment gateway license allows you to provide electronic transaction services to people in a world that increasingly relying less and less on cash. However, the goal of such service to exist is to promote a transparent economy.

That’s why, you can only start a payment gateway if you have the payment gateway license – a certificate that proves that you can provide people a transparent mode of electronic transaction.

Thus, this article tells you the eligibility criteria to obtain payment gateway license in India.

The applicant should be a registered company

A payment gateway is a complex business that requires many hands on deck to run it. That’s why, the Reserve bank of India only issues the licenses to companies, not individuals.

Thus, before applying for the license, you should apply for getting your company incorporated as per the Companies Act 2013.

The payment gateway should have PCI DSS certification

Data security, easiness of transaction and minimum downtime – those are the three requirements for a payment gateway. If yours adhere to all of them, you get certification from PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

If it doesn’t, RBI doesn’t consider you fit to file the application for payment gateway license in India.

The net worth of your company should match the RBI requirements

Running a payment gateway requires. So don’t go into this matter thinking that just having the right ideology and the technology is enough to get you the license. You need to have a good capital behind you as well.

In case your company is a bank or an NBFC, your net-worth should be INR 15 Crore. But if you’re a startup, you only need INR 10 lakh.

Your business plan should have foresight to increase your profit

When it comes to business plans, implementation of them is often hit and miss. However, if you have a plan that’s backed by years of research, the chances of it missing are low. Such a plan is required by the Reserve Bank of India.

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You need to show the RBI that you don’t just have a dream and capital for starting a payment gateway, but also have the plan to make it successful.

Process of obtaining RBI payment gateway license

In order to obtain the RBI payment gateway certificate are should follow these steps:

  1. First, the payment gateway business must be incorporated as a company.
  2. The certification of the payment gateway by the PCI DSS body.
  3. Filing on offline application for payment gateway certification.
  4. Assessment of the application by the Reserve Bank of India.
  5. After the application is assessed, you’ll obtain the payment gateway license in India

Obviously, a lot more is involved with processing than a mere short words, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Documents you’re required to submit in order to obtain the payment gateway certificate in India

You should provide following documents to obtain get approval of RBI payment gateway permission

  1. Certificate of Incorporation of your company
  2. MOA and AOA of your company
  3. List of directors of your company
  4. Shareholders in your company
  5. Audited balance sheet of your company
  6. Net worth certificate of your company (Audited by the experts)
  7. PCI DSS Certificate

Cost of starting a payment gateway in India

You will have to bear some cost on following things

  1. The application processing fee
  2. The entry fee
  3. The net worth requirement
  4. The infrastructural setup fee
  5. The company incorporation,
  6. The professional feel.

The payment gateway license cost, considering is the sum of the above, can appear to be quite high to many. Thus, it’s better to reach out to the consultants who can help you finance your license.


A company gives your payment gateway business structure, and network gives it lifeline. However, without the right implementation of technology and the right care for the privacy, security and usability of the payment gateway, you can’t get the payment gateway license.

Thus, keep all the points in mind when you start a payment gateway business in India, for it takes  more than a company, more than money and more than power to start just a business.

You need commitment, the willingness to learn and the aid of consultants to get a payment gateway license in India.

What is the eligibility criteria to start a payment gateway in India?You need a payment gateway license. And to get it, you need to adhere to the mentioned eligibility criteria.

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