Things To Look For When Hiring An Immigration Counsellor

It is typical to hear of immigration businesses committing fraud. These firms have been duping unsuspecting people and stealing their money. Fake immigration agencies are becoming increasingly common. On a regular basis, we hear about similar scams committed by immigration companies. As a result, there is a lack of confidence and faith in the immigration sector. Students are concerned about selecting an immigration agency. They are still haunted by the fear of being tricked.

In this situation, trusting the immigration counsellor becomes difficult. However, if you are able to locate a trustworthy adviser, it may be possible to realize your dream of studying in a foreign country. An immigration agency’s primary duty is to assist you with the legal and documentation requirements for moving overseas. It is not difficult to relocate overseas if you work with a reputable expert. Are you having trouble locating a trustworthy consultant? If so, we recommend that you seek the services of the finest Canada‌ ‌visa‌ ‌consultant.

In this post, we will provide you with some helpful hints to avoid being identified as a scam by immigration services:

Check if the Immigration Agency is ICCRC-Registered

The ICCRC is a regulatory and certification body for approved immigration consultants. You should learn about the immigration consultant you have chosen on the ICCRC’s official website. Fill in the blanks with your immigration consultant’s details (last name, first name, RCIC number, company name). Then click the search button. Checking the status of your immigration counsellor is an easy process. All credible and trustworthy immigration advisors will be ICCRC registered. If you have chosen an agency whose name does not appear on the list, avoid them. On the internet, you may monitor the status of any immigration consultant. The ICCRC has all of the relevant information and facts concerning various immigration authorities.

Examine Their Knowledge

Inquire with the immigration counsellors about any queries you have regarding the services they provide. You must determine whether they are knowledgeable in their profession.

Only consider hiring them if their responses please you. You should investigate the agency and try to get any relevant information about it. You should double-check the information given by the immigration office. If you have any doubts, talk with the advisors right away. You’re paying them a lot of money and putting your biggest ambition in their hands. As a result, you have complete authority to investigate all of your concerns and questions. This is critical in order to protect oneself from potential fraud.

Signing Blank Application Forms Is Not Permitted

Before filing the application, double-check that all of the information on the form is correct since there is no going back. Above all, it is vital that you never sign documentation that has not yet been filed, or even blank pages. Remember to provide a copy of any forms submitted in your name. You must get verification that your applications have been received from the immigration department. Make sure the consultant provides you with a government filing receipt whenever something is lodged in your name. Keep up with the latest developments.

Avoid Counselors Who Make Unrealistic Promises

Be wary of counselors that guarantee unrealistic application processing timelines. Any immigration application does not have a set processing period. Several issues may arise throughout the visa application procedure. Delays can arise due to medical tests, background checks, re-issuance of application forms, and other factors that differ by case. A reputable immigration attorney, on the other hand, could provide you a time frame (say, 10-12 weeks). Nobody can guarantee the success of your immigration application. In this case, the visa officer has total discretion. The outcome of your application will not be known to you until you get a written decision from the visa officer.

Find Out About Their Experience

You must determine whether the immigration service has sufficient experience. Furthermore, there are a few immigration services who deceive students by presenting false information about their experiences. You must avoid falling into the hands of such agencies. Learn about the agency’s success rate. You would not want to work with a company that has a high rejection rate. The year of presence of the firm in the field is the most important aspect in staying with them. Client feedback is critical for understanding the consultants’ actions. Obtaining sufficient information regarding the agency’s experience. This will save you from falling into the traps of a deceptive agency.

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Don’t pay cash

To make payment, you should use a check, credit card, debit card, or any other online method. Making a cash payment may turn out to be a bad idea. Make no rushed payments. Keep this in mind at all times. Cheques normally clear in four to five days. You have four days to cancel any remaining reservations. An immigration counsellor would never press you to make rushed payments. They have a patient staff that can help you take the required precautions. Please be in mind that fraudsters will demand that you pay in a certain method. They typically demand fast payment.

Finishing up

So, if you intend to study abroad, it is critical that you select a reputable immigration service for your visa application. There are various scam groups whose primary goal is to defraud unsuspecting students. Make sure you properly study the preceding suggestions to minimize your chances of being duped by fraudulent immigration services.