How to Prevent a Dead Phone Battery – Tips By Hamilton’s Phone Repair Shops

Similar to humans, cell phones are capable of extraordinary feats, but if they are always running at full speed, they will eventually become exhausted. Nothing is worse than putting your cell phone on the table and discovering that the battery is nearly dead or, even worse, that it has run out of power.

Most people in these circumstances attempt to repair their smartphones by looking up online instructions on recovering a cell phone battery.

In this blog, with the help of Hamilton’s phone repair shops, we have compiled a list of things you can do to prevent your phone battery from dying. 

Let’s go through this in more detail.

How to Prevent Your Phone Battery From Dying – Tips By Hamilton’s Phone Repair Experts

Here are some things you can start doing now.

Lower the Brightness

Reduce screen brightness for one of the simplest methods to extend battery life. Although decreasing the brightness seems like a no-brainer, studies have proven that it actually does have an impact. Therefore, start doing it immediately if you haven’t already. Additionally, it’s a good idea to switch on “Adaptive-brightness” so that the screen will adjust the brightness when you’re in a dark environment.

Beware of Apps

Numerous well-known applications are infamous battery thieves, especially those with plenty of graphics or sounds. The main culprits are games, particularly free ones with advertisements, so avoid playing them until you’re close to a power source.

And never just minimize your apps; always completely shut them down. Battery drainers may include background-running applications. To achieve this, double-click the home button to see the active apps, then press and hold any of the icons until it begins to move. To dismiss an application, tap the “-” symbol in the upper-left corner of its icon.

Install a Power-Saving App

If you’ve stopped playing the games completely, but your battery is still draining, there might be less visible apps that are to blame. Use a power-saving app to monitor your device’s performance for a few days and identify the applications that are the biggest drains on its battery.

Disable your Wi-Fi 

Your smartphone is actively searching for a hotspot as soon as your Wi-Fi is switched on. While joining the nearest Wi-Fi network can help you save money on your data package, it may also significantly deplete your battery. Switch off the Wi-Fi and only use it when necessary.

Activate Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is a good way to save battery life when needed. The drawback is that you will not be able to send or receive texts, make calls, or access the internet, but it may be beneficial to save your battery life for when you really need it.

To prevent your cell phone from draining itself and attempting to get a signal, use airplane mode when you are in an area without service, such as a subway.

Turn off Location Services

GPS technology is used by location services to locate your exact location. When traveling in an unfamiliar region, allowing your phone to know where you are might be really helpful, but it may also be a sneaky energy drain. Make sure the location service option is off, and only enable it when absolutely necessary.

Get Your Own Mail

Your smartphone quickly loses power if it is continually looking for new emails. By collecting your personal email or letting it automatically retrieve the data less regularly, you can save your smartphone some work and give it a break.

Reduce Application Notifications

A good way to connect when traveling is to receive immediate notification whenever you receive a new Whatsapp message or Facebook comment. However, the battery life will suffer if you get a lot of these. Disable notifications or only allow them for essential apps

Visit Your Nearest Phone Repair Shop in Hamilton, OH

Are you facing battery issues with your phone? Did none of these tips help your quickly depleting battery? It is time to visit your nearest reputable phone repair shop in Hamilton, OH. If you are in the area or close by, one of your best options would be Evo Repairs. Their highly qualified and skilled technicians will ensure you get your phone back in pristine condition in no time.


Why do people prefer to get their cell phones repaired at phone repair shops?

You are given a warranty!

They usually allow users to return their smartphones if they have issues with them within a specified time. You will not have to worry about any unexpected future problems.

Why do phone repair technicians need my password?

Not only when the phone is being repaired but also after that, it is necessary to detect problems. They would never install unlawful material on your cell phone. Doing so would be detrimental to their reputation and business.

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