Top 10 software for Gaming PC

Your gaming PC hardware is quintessential for gaming. But Software can help you in enhancing your gaming experience. With each passing year, the gaming industry witnessed hundreds and thousands of games as well as gamers. This has created a whole new demand for gamer-friendly software. From webbrowsers to Online storage, there are many software’s available to everyone. Most if not, all are third-party applications that need to be installed manually by the user. They won’t be pre-installed in most cases. Some of these third-party applications might be paid but most if not, all have a free version. 

Below are the 10 best software’s for gaming PC


This perhaps goes without saying but if you plan on gaming, you need an application like Steam that allows you to buy and play games through its PC application. Steam is one of the best and most popular platforms in its category. Not only does it allow soft storage of games, but it is also a remote application that will allow you to game on multiple systems. Steam reduces the hassle of maintaining CDs and allows people to install and uninstall games without much hassle.

With a massive game library (that is regularly updated) and its famous sales, there are lots of categories and genres to choose from. You can easily find Escape room type puzzle games, sandbox simulations, RPG, MMORPG, open-world, Adventure, Tactical Shooters and much more. it is definitely a must-have software. There are other similar platforms as well. Origin, and epic games are some other such platforms that offer a gaming library. Though steam certainly has one of the biggest gaming libraries in comparison. 


Discord is one of the most popular software among streamers and gamers. A simplistic design that is easy to learn and a plethora of other features make it a great software. Discord allows people to connect over the internet through video or voice chat more popularly known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). If you have a group or a friend with whom you wish to play a game, Discord will allow you to stay in contact with such person(s). Discord runs Seamlessly as a background process without eating too much of your RAM. With constant updates, Discord has over the last year improved its UI a lot. Allowing private servers to hold huge number of participants has allowed streamers and gamers to constantly stay in touch with their community.

Discord has also worked on its privacy and data protection policies. You can now request Discord to reveal any and all the data collected. Discord is also available as a mobile application. Anyhow, you should definitely have it installed on your Gaming PC. 

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS as it is more popularly known is a third-party application that is great for recording your gameplay. As free software, it is one of the best in its category. If you are someone who likes to record your gameplay, OBS will really help you. Even as a streamer, OBS is software that you can trust. With the rise of YouTube and twitch, software’s such as OBS have gotten quite popular and as result, a lot of software’s are now accessible. However, OBS is without a doubt one of the most effective ones for getting the job done. Understanding OBS can be a bit challenging. But you need not worry as you will find plenty of tutorials to help you get used to it. 


There are chances that you personally built your gaming PC, piece by piece. If that’s the case, you must be aware of the limitations that manufacturers put in your hardware or custom build PCs. MSI Afterburner allows you much more control over your GPU and CPU. From fan speeds to over and even underclocking, this free software is great for tweaking the limitations of your PC. Source: MSI While the control offered is quite liberating, it is to be remembered that this will almost always void your warranty on your PC (Do it at your risk). But don’t worry, your PC in almost all cases is built to prevent any damage. You should be able to tweak some settings (should you know what you are doing).

The main objective of such a software is give you more control over your PC and its functions. Laptops especially tend to overheat. MSI Afterburner can help in reducing heat and performing hallmark tests to give a realistic performance analysis. You will find a lot of tutorial videos for tweaking this software. You should definitely have this software if you plan on gaming. 


Keyboard Shortcuts can be quite handy. Most games nowadays allow custom key bindings, which is a neat feature allowing greater control. But Keytweak is software that will allow you to bind specific keys on your keyboard for a single function. Alot of games especially multiplayers and role-playing games have complex commands. This means that you will need a lot inpuit commands through your keyboards. But you can only assign a set number of keys to a particualr action. Keytweak will allow combinations to be bound to specific actions allowing a much greater control. This is simply a quality-of-life software that prevents you from doing complex registry work to just change keymapping. The ease of access is a welcome change, with an option to revert back to original settings as well. A must-have software since even a small tweak can make a big impact. 


Monitors and Displays are becoming more and more definitive and vibrant. It is thus important to protect your eyes from screen glares and bright displays. Gaming in dim-lit conditions can be quite detrimental to our eyes. Now while windows do have their own night-time settings, FLUX allows a lot more control. FLUX can be scheduled according to the time of the day as well as the light in your current room. Flux can be programmed to adjust the settings on its own eliminating the need to constantly change settings. Gaming sessions that last for hours can really mess up our circadian rhythm. If software contributes to protecting your health, then it is definitely worth having on your PC.


Multiple Displays are becoming quite common. If you plan on having multiple displays or you already have one, then managing them can be quite tedious. Display inconsistency while gaming can be quite annoying. Now let’s face it, ultra-wide monitors are quite expensive and if you do buy more than one, you expect them to work perfectly. This however is not true in all cases, since the resolution is quite large and most software’s and games of older generations are un-supported in these resolutions. ULTRAMON is a third-party application that will help you manage multiple displays, thus allowing you to stabilize your gaming set-ups without running into any glitches or bugs while you game, stream, or record.

GeForce Experience /Radeon ReLive

Both these software’s are complementary to the GPU you own. If it’s Nvidia you should download GeForce experience if you haven’t already. Similarly, you should install Radeon ReLive if you own AMD GPU. This two software’s allow the user to record your gameplay without much intrusion. You can even tweak certain settings and create profiles for each game allowing you to record your gameplays without affecting your gameplay experience. Both these applications are free and can sometimes be pre-installed (for laptops and pre-built PC) but for a custom build, you probably will need to install them. 


Another popular trend nowadays is to use Ultra-wide screen curved displays that are quite wide. What can happen is that you might experience black bars when gaming. While some people don’t mind them, you should be able to enjoy your game at full resolution. Flawless Widescreen allows users to play games in a compatible and wide-screen friendly resolution. The only downside is that the application is not suitable for each and every game that is out there. But most if not, all games can be configured with this software. 


It is mentioned above that widescreen monitors are becoming quite popular. Now if you have a decent or moderately sized monitor, you could play a local -Co-op on just one display. Remember the good old days of split screen? Splitview is a great software that will allow you to play local cooperative games on a single wide-screen monitor by splitting displays. It is a great software even for non-gaming purposes and its utility makes it a must-have since it can be used for office work as well. 


These are the 10-best software for gaming PC in 2021. Make sure you check them out. They should really help you in enhancing your gaming experience. Gaming can be quite expensive, running into a snag is one of the worst feeling in the world. Hopefully these software’s can allow you to have a smooth and fun experience. Little and small adjustments can really enhance the way we experience games.