Top 10 tools used by SEO experts

SEO tools save you from the strenuous task of researching keywords and data analysis. With the help of SEO tools, you will get an idea about what is working, what parts you are lacking, where to improve, what is benefitting you, etc. 

Best SEO tools provide you with data about your performance in comparison to that of your competitors. When you analyse the areas you lack from your competitors, you get an opportunity to work on them. 

In addition to these benefits, if you manage more than one website, you may easily evaluate the performance of each site individually. This saves you time and effort, unlike those who spend hours compiling data in spreadsheets and manually analysing it. Also, the probability of errors is more in manual analysis.

10 best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools 

There are numerous advantages of SEO tools. We have tried to state the ones that the majority look for. The list below has the top 10 SEO tools put in a random sequence. You have to analyse and decide the best fit for you.

Now let’s get started!

  1. Google Search Console: top SEO tool

Offered free of cost to all those with a website, this SEO tool monitor and creates a report of your website’s visibility in Google SERP. You need to add a code to your website or go through Google Analytics to get your website verified. Then the sitemap can be submitted for indexing.

With this SEO checker tool, you will get an understanding of Google’s search engine and the users who see your website. Thus, you can optimise your site to enhance its performance and ranking on the search result page. 

This becomes very convenient for the new websites because the owners can submit their websites to get search indexed.

  1. KWFinder: SEO tools for keywords 

You can find relevant and long-tail keywords with less competition using this tool. Professionals use it to search best keywords and get reports on SERPs and backlinks. 

Your rating is ascertainable with its Rank Tracker. This also allows you to track your growth depending on a particular metric. You’ll also receive fresh keyword suggestions to skyrocket your website’s rank.

  1. SEMRush: SEO tools for marketing 

Experts adore marketing SEO tools because they make it simple to evaluate rankings as well as spot alterations and fresh prospects.

This SEO tool’s method of comparison makes it simple to assess your website to that of your competitors. This SEO tool provides you with analytics and data through which understanding search data and traffic becomes easier. 

 Utilizing the On-Page SEO Checker enables you to quickly track your rankings and get suggestions to enhance the performance of your website.

  1. Majestic: Marketing tool for SEO

According to experts, this again is among the greatest marketing SEO tools. There are various features like the Majestic Million, which specifies the rankings of one million websites that are on the top of SERPs.  With the Site Explorer tool, it becomes easy to get an overview of your website and the number of backlinks it has. 

In addition to offering capabilities for site comparisons and ranking tracking, you will find an SEO keyword search feature to help you identify the ideal target keywords.

  1. Moz Pro: Software for SEO

Despite Google’s periodic algorithm tweaks, some experts praised how this SEO tool manages to stay relevant. Others praised its chat room for consistently giving them an insightful responses to each question they asked.

You could discover a lot about the functionality of your website and how to enhance it. You may also get their MozBar toolbar for free, which allows you to examine website statistics when you are viewing it. If you’re interested in learning more about SEO, think about going to MozCon, their annual conference.

  1. Woorank: SEO tool for ranking

Offering both free and paid services for tracking and having a report of your marketing, this SEO analysis tool is amazing. You may use it for plugging in your competitors and knowing the keywords they target. 

If you have an understanding of the keyword’s role in optimisation for search engines and viewers, things will become much easier. When you know the places where your website needs more attention, you get an idea to strategise and execute your plans based on it. 

With Woorank you can find duplicate content, security problems, and downtime, and get suggestions about fixing them.

  1. SEOQuake: SEO tools for free

This SEO checker tool is used as a Chrome extension performing on-page audits. It evaluates your internal and external links and compares your website’s performance to that of your competitors.  

Through SEOQuake is used for analysing keyword density, and downloading and forwarding data to teammates. 

  1. Siteliner: tool for SEO analysis

This SEO analysis tool can assist you to locate duplicate material on your website.  Additionally, it penalises duplicate web pages on Google. You may scan your webpage with SEO tools to look for broken links, the average page size and loading speed, the number of internal links on the page, and much more. In order to assist you to understand where you stand, it also analyzes your website to other websites assessed by this programme.

  1. Google Trends: Seo checker tool

In addition to providing details about a term, Google Trends provides excellent insight into current trends, which can be helpful at any point in a company’s development. Anywhere in the world, you may search for keywords and get information about them, including frequently asked questions, interests, and geographic places based on interest. This is the finest SEO tool you may consider if you’re not sure whether trends are right for you.

  1. Screaming Frog: online SEO tool

This SEO tool is popular among experts because of the time it saves. It audits a website accurately and rapidly. You also get alerts about duplicate content, the issues that require your focus, ill-performing redirects, and areas that need improvement in link-building. This SEO tool’s Spider feature has the heart of many SEO experts.


We have done our job of introducing you to the best 10 tools used by SEO experts. Now get going to use them and find out what works for your website.

You can seek assistance from the experts of Hubspot Marketing Agency to get the best results out of these SEO tools. 

When you put expert at work, you save your time and effort to invest in other works and get your webpage to fly high in rankings and overall performance.