Top food packaging technologies that are would boost your brand image

What is food packaging innovation?

In the current times, the world is full of packaging solutions that are creatively designed. However, these designs are essential to creating differentiation among the rivaling product, but there is another thing you need to consider packaging innovations. If you are dealing in the food industry, then there are ample challenging situations you are facing. Such issues are not only related to the handling and displaying of the food but also how to store them for a longer duration. No doubt, in this regard, you are required to select the custom food and beverage boxes, but you should also require to know the functionality of these boxes. With the changes in the technological world, food packaging technologies also innovated. Over the last few decays, the packaging world has faced a number of significant changes and updates. These updates make the packaging more desirable as well as eco-friendly. However, there is still room for improvement and new ideas that come in the near future for food packaging. 

Here are few latest food packaging ideas that are totally innovated and able to solve the various perils of outdated packaging solutions. 

Packaging that creates zero waste

In order to make the world cleaner, packaging makers are now considering ways of using the less scarce resources that would lower the amount of packaging trash. So, in order to cut down the packaging, waste plant and wood residue are used that would replace the other materials like plastic, Styrofoam, or other non-compostable materials. The plants waste is used for making the zero waste material for the custom food boxes. Such packaging solutions are quite suitable for food brands that are in need of eco-friendly packaging. However, after knowing the harmful impacts of the non-compostable packaging solution, all food brands are shifting toward eco-friendly packing solutions. You can check these custom food and beverage boxes on various websites and place your order with a click

Custom Food Boxes | food packaging technologies

Aluminum poultry tray with film combination

These are skin pack food packaging boxes made from a combination of the aluminum poultry tray and the layer of thin plastic film. Firstly, the food or other products are vacua packed inside the aluminum tray, and then the tin is shaped around the food product. This would increase the life of the poultry food by 300 percent on the shelves. And it is one of the best ideas for meat and poultry packaging. There are a lot of benefits associated with the skin packs like:

  • It is very easy to open skin packs
  • The aluminum is also 100 percent recyclable.
  • Enhance the shelf life of the products

Due to all these reasons, poultry sellers prefer to use these packaging solutions. However, this packaging would also provide a competitive edge to the sellers. 

Cans with self-chilling technologies

A marvelous idea comes from the joseph company who introduce self-cooling cans for the drinks. Everyone knows that nothing is worse than a hot soft drink. And it would take a lot of time for freezers and refrigerators to cool the drink. That’s why the company with the use of latest technology introduce the cans. You just require to turn it, rub it and then wait for a minute. After that, you would get the most refreshing and cool drink. Now you must think about how it works? The answer is so easy when you turn the can and rub it, and the CO2 would release in the can; it would act as the active coolant and make the drink chilled. And all this process would take place only in a minute. However, these sorts of custom beverage boxes are also recyclable, which would not create packaging waste. So, it would be a preferred packaging option for soft drinks. 

Custom Food Boxes | food packaging technologies

Packaging with self-healing technique

It is already discussed in detail that self-cooling packaging is available to make the drinks cooler and fresh. Likewise, self-heating technology is introducing to make the hot food texture fresh and delectable as it is at the time of cooking. Simple but high-strength corrugated material is used for this purpose. Such material turns your boxes into hotpot for the foods like pizza, noodles, and others. The double layering of the material keeps the temperature of the box maintain it means if you pack hot pizza in the box, it remains hot till it reaches its destination. So, the custom food boxes are also available in corrugated material to make your food fresh. 

Bees wrap for food products

It is observed that the food wrappers and covers also create a massive amount of food packaging. So, the idea of reducing kitchen waste comes in the ground, and the packagers introduce warps made from cotton and bee wax by mixing it with jojoba oil and tree resin. Such wraps are totally reusable by washing. So, it would eliminate the waste and make the environment clean. However, you can use these wraps to cover the food product in the refrigerators as well. And then you can wash the wrap and dry it now uses it again easily. You can use these wraps to cover the butter, cooked food, and other items. 

Use of atmosphere packaging for the baked food

The life and freshness of the baked item are very temporary. Once these items are openly placed under the air, they become hard and no longer fresh. So, the atmosphere packaging provides protection to this freshness of baked food for over 40 days. This type of packaging also provides good inventory control to the bakers as it would extend the life of the baked food. However, this packaging innovation is great for preventing the cross-contamination of the food. It means you can also use these packaging solutions to ship the baked items to faraway places. So this is the beauty of the innovative packaging ideas; it would enhance the functionality of the packaging.  

The crux of the discussion

All the innovative packaging ideas that are detailed in the above discussion would assist a food brand in creating the differentiation at the same time, store their food product for a longer duration. These packaging solutions are a little costly, but they would reduce the cost of damage and spoilage. However, a few of the above-mention food packaging ideas are really astonishing for the users, like the chilling cans the provide the cooling effect for a long duration to the drinks. In order to get the discounts on this packaging solution, you are required to go for the custom food boxes wholesale. However, these intelligent packaging ideas also made you a favorite of the customers, and they would show their interest in your products. In this way, your sales escalate ultimately. 

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