Tour in Sajek Valley – The Kingdom of Clouds

Who doesn’t want to run in the white clouds? It’s hard to find people who don’t want to get lost in the cloud of the sky, talking to the clouds in the sky. But in this city of concrete, clouds have a responsibility to reach. However, if you want to get lost in the cloud kingdom and float on the cloud raft, there is a place in Bangladesh surrounded by amazing beauty. Not only you can go through the clouds but also reach many wonderful sceneries of the mother nature.

I am talking about The Sajek Valley (The Kingdom of Clouds), one of the most amazing place in Bangladesh known as the Kingdom of Clouds. People says the Sajek Valley is the most beautiful place in Bangladesh. Sajek Valley is one of the most beautiful and the largest valley in Bangladesh. Let’s take a look about Sajak Valley, the kingdom of clouds.

The Kingdom of Clouds Sajek Valley

Introduction to Sajak Valley (Bangla Introduction of Sajek)

Sajek Valley is located in Rangamati district. It’s the largest union north of the Mizoram border. Its area is about 602 square kilometers. The Sajek Valley is bounded on the north-south by Tripura and Langadu in India, and on the east-west by Mizoram and Khagrachari in India. Although Sajek Valley is located in the Rangamati district, one has to reach Sajek Valley (The Kingdom of Clouds) through Dighinala of Khagrachhari. But if you want to go to Rangamati, you have to go by water. In that case, you have to reach Sajek on foot through Kaptai.

The distance from Khagrachhari to Sajek is 60 km. If you want to go to Sajek from Khagrachhari via Dighinala, its distance will be 45-50 kilometers. After the army camp on the way from Dighinala to Sajek. You have to get permission to go to Sajek from Army Camp or No. 10 Baghaihat Police Camp. Before reaching Ruilui Para, the first village in Sajek, one has to cross the Kasalong Bridge and the Kasalong River. Ruilui is situated at an altitude of 1800 feet above the plains. This is the beginning of the beautiful mountains of Sajek.

In Sajek Valley the Ruilui Para is one of the oldest villages. It was established in 185. Among its tribals, Lusai, Pankua, and Tripura are notable, but the Ruilui neighborhood was founded by the Lusai. The main red thanga of the Ruilui neighborhood is Lusai. Sajek Valley (The Kingdom of Cluds) is not far away from Ruilui. However, in Sajek Valley is a spring called Kamalak Jharna between Sajek Valley and Ruilui. Kamalak Waterfall is also known to the locals public as Pidam Taisa Jharna or Sikam Taisa Jharna. The Kamalak Jharna is a waterfall that is quite attractive to all tourists. Kanlak Para is the last village of Sajek Valley Union. Chaumingthai Lusai is the name of the chief of Kanlak Para. Kanlak Para is also located quite high above the plains. However, its (Kanlak Para) height has not been measured even today. In Sajek Valley (The Kingdom of Clouds) the Kanlak Para village is located at the far end, from which the Lusai Hills of India and other hills can be easily seen.

The Sajek BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) camp is located right next to this village. Therefore, sometimesc you may not allowed to go there due to security reasons as it is the last camp. But if you want to go there, you should visit the Lusai Mountains. Because the origin of the Karnafuli river is from there. There is a beautiful magical beauty of nature that you will never want to miss in Sajek Valley. From Sajek Valley Hajachara Jharna is located in Kanlak Para and it is also very popular with tourists. Another is Dighinala hanging bridge and Dighinala forest. Dighinala and Dighinal bridge have a magical fountain and a mixture of green plants. So if you want to get very close to nature, you must visit this Dighinal and Dighinala Bridge places.

How to reach Sajek Valley

If you want to go to Sajek Valley from Dhaka, there are some other transport buses including Hanif, Shyamoli which can take you to Khagrachhari. In this case, the rent will be about 520-550 rupees per person. If you want to reach Sajek directly, you can go to Dighinala by peace transport. In that case, the rent will be 560-600 rupees per person. There are also some AC and non AC buses to reach Sajak. If there are more people, you can rent a microbus from Dhaka. Or you can rent some AC buses from BRTC and St.Martin Transport. Arriving at Khagrachhari or Dighinala, there are some jeeps that can be rented to easily reach Sajek Valley.

The most interesting thing is that these jeeps are known to the locals as moon cars. You can rent Sajek Valley in one day by renting this jeep or moon car. If you want to travel around Sajek Valley for more than a day, the fare of these jeeps is a bit higher. These cars can easily seat 10 to 15 people. However, if the population is less then you can rent CNG. CNG fares are a little higher later. So if you want you can rent a bus or a motorcycle. Motorcycles are quite risky in hilly areas so it is better not to rent them. If you want to visit Sajak Valley in one day, you must try to come back before evening. Because of the wild environment, the place becomes quite dark after the evening.

Accommodation in Sajek

Sajek Valley

There are several high-quality resorts to stay in the Sajak Valley. However, if you want to stay at the resort, you have to count a large amount of money. In addition to the resort, there are lots of hotels. But they are not very advanced. Moreover, there are several tourist motels in Khagrachhari and Dighinala and their quality is quite good. However, there are a few guest houses in Dighinala that are quite interesting. If you want you can stay in these.

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You can try Sajek traditional food

If you are in a resort, motel, or guest house, there is a facility of good quality food. Besides, if you want to eat the traditional food there, you can also go to a place called Pankhai Para. Next to it is the New Zealand neighborhood. So if you go there to eat, this place can also be visited. Moreover, if you want to eat the tributes foods and taste their traditional food, you can go to Ruilui and Kanlak Para. If you tell them and pay in advance, they will make the food that you will need.

Point of view

A wonderful combination of forest green with the whiteness of the clouds after sight in the Sajak Valley. With three helipads, all the amazing beauty from sunrise to sunset can be easily seen. This is exactly the weather in Sajek Valley. Sometimes hot and then rain. Soon after this rain, a group of clouds again made Sajek a white valley. If you want to enjoy such natural beauty, pack your bags today and come back from Sajak Valley, the kingdom of clouds.

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