The recommended travel gallium nitride charger is even less than one hundred Doller

With the increasing proportion of digital products in people’s lives, modern people have gradually changed into “electricity anxiety”. During business trips and travels, while carrying a large number of digital devices, the carrying of charging equipment has also become a burden on the journey. Previously, the power of the charger was proportional to the volume, and devices like notebooks needed to carry a large dedicated charger. With the advent of GaN chargers and the unification of Type-C interfaces, we only need to carry very few devices to meet the charging needs.

Gallium nitride is used as a semiconductor material in the field of chargers, which allows the charger to have a smaller size and lighter weight while having a higher power output. If you have not yet experienced the ease of travel brought by GaN chargers, you may wish to take a look at these popular products we recommend below.

65W Baseus Gallium Nitride Charger (Dual Port)

Baseus is a well-known local company that specialises in digital accessories, particularly for mobile phones. With a total power of 65W, this Baseus GaN charger has a Type-C port and one USB interface. It uses improved Gan technology with a power distribution mechanism that is dynamic. The maximum power available while charging with the Type-C interface alone is 65W. The maximum power output while using the USB interface alone is 45W. The power distribution is 45W+18W when both are utilised at the same time. This charger is roughly the size of a lipstick tube and barely weighs 110g. It’s worth noting that this charger costs only 99 yuan on Jingdong Mall, and it comes with a 100W fan.

360 Gallium Nitride Charger

This name is a bit confusing. In fact, the previous 360 is the brand, and yes, it is the familiar 360. This GaN charger is equipped with two Type-C interfaces and one USB interface. Among them, Type-C1 single-port output maximum power is 65W, Type-C2 single-port output 30W, USB single-port output 24W. This charger is compatible with the fast charging protocol of various brands of mobile phones, and the charging speed of the mobile phone is faster.

This Nubian charger is more distinctive in appearance, and there is no Nubian brand on the charger. It is a Chinese character [deuterium]. Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen. Deuterium gas is widely used in military, nuclear energy and optical fiber manufacturing. This word is applied to the charger, does it mean that this charger has high performance, and the other side is the English meaning of GaN for gallium nitride. The silver painting is also different from most similar products, which is more delicate. This charger also uses a three-port design, two Type-C and one USB. The charging power is the same as the 360 ​​charger described above. There is a charging indicator on the back of this charger, you can know whether the charger is in working condition at any time. Save with Currys nhs discount code

Anker’s GaN charger is co-branded with One Piece. The charger is painted in orange and the popular Ace is chosen. I believe fans of One Piece will love this charger. As a GaN charger, Anker’s product still has a lightweight appearance, two Type-C and one USB interface, which can meet the charging needs of most people. As an old brand in the field of chargers, Anke provides a peace of mind service of free replacement within 18 months of quality problems.

In addition to the common 65W GaN chargers, there are currently 100W and 120W GaN chargers on the market. This high-power charger can supply power to two laptops at the same time, and is a better auxiliary tool for those who travel frequently and are engaged in exhibitions. Baseus’s 120W charger is quite good in volume control, not much larger than the 65W product, and it will not squeeze other holes when plugged into the power strip.

Use of Gallium Nitride Charger

Many users who don’t know the GaN charger will find this thing not very useful, it’s nothing more than charging the mobile phone faster. In fact, the GaN charger is more than just a mobile phone charger . The 65W output power can fully meet the charging needs of notebook products using the Type-C interface. There is no problem with the 120W product charging two laptops at the same time. At present, some gallium nitride chargers on the market are equipped with high-power Type-C charging cables, and some are not equipped. Please pay attention to the distinction when purchasing to avoid the embarrassment of having a charger without a cable

Nowadays, many digital camera products also support Type-C interface charging, so there is no need to carry special charging equipment for travel history. It needs to be reminded that the manuals of some digital gadgets clearly indicate that you want to use a low-power (5V 1A) charger, so do not use this high-power GaN product. Technology is people-oriented, and the appearance of gallium nitride chargers allows us to reduce the burden of carrying chargers during travel and business trips. I think it is worth buying among the digital accessory products.

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