Vehicle transfer: how to do and walk regularized

Want to know more about Vehicle Transfer? So you are in the right place. In today’s article, I will explain what documents are needed, where to do it, transfer time, and much more about this process.

The moment of buying a vehicle is very important for people, after all, it is the acquisition of a good so dreamed of by Brazilians. There are many ways to buy a car, whether it’s cheap and zero kilometer modelscheap and used cars, or cars with popular prices, but the top of the line. But, it is worth mentioning that buying a car is not a miracle: there is always a bureaucratic part, such as the transfer of a vehicle, which needs to be carried out within 30 days so that there are no fines, for example.

Vehicle transfer is required for any motor vehicle, whether for cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, etc. The vehicle transfer must be made to the new owner so that regularization and updating of inspection systems, such as the Detran, takes place. Thus, both the buyer and the seller must follow the legal processes defined by legislation and keep the vehicle documentation up to date.

Vehicle transfer raises doubts and bringing up the main issues can help you in this process, making it less bureaucratic and more agile. There are some mandatory procedures for the transfer to be made, in addition to highlighting the responsibility of each one – buyer and seller – at the time of transfer.

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What documents are required for vehicle transfer?

In order for the vehicle transfer entry to be carried out, the buyer will need the Vehicle Registration Certificate, also known as CRV. It must be signed by the seller and notarized, in addition to CPF, CNH, or RG, proof of residence, proof of payment of all transfer fees, and an inspection report from the state’s ADTRAN. All these documents must be presented in the original form and with a copy so that the vehicle transfer can proceed.

Where does the vehicle transfer take place?

The transfer of the vehicle can be done in several places, such as at the Detran, at the entity’s representation in the buyer’s city, known as Ciretran, or at advanced service stations of the Traffic Department. It is good to make it clear that in some states, prior registration on the institution’s website is required for the transfer process to proceed.

How long does it take to transfer the vehicle?

According to Dean, the buyer has up to 30 days from the date on which the CRV was signed to transfer the vehicle. If this period is exceeded, a fine of R$ 195.23, classified as serious, is charged and will result in the computation of five points on the buyer’s CNH.

What is the value of the vehicle transfer service?

Based on the year 2017, transfer amounts may vary from state to state. In the state of São Paulo, for example, the transfer costs R$ 193.04, if the license for the current year has been made, otherwise, the value increases to R$ 278.28. In Rio de Janeiro, the value is R$ 135.32. To find out the value of each state, go to your state’s Adtran website.

If the vehicle is from another city or state

Until 2014, the inspection was only required if the vehicle was from another state or city, as there was a need to change the seal. It currently doesn’t work like this: even if the vehicle is from the same city, there is a need for an inspection to proceed with the vehicle transfer. Otherwise, the procedure remains the same.

Transfer if the vehicle is financed

The CRV must include the observation that the vehicle is financed by any modality, that is, it is sold. This observation is registered with the Detran and, if the car is transferred together with the debt without the financing being paid in the transfer, the alienation must appear in the document of the new owner of the vehicle.

Sales Announcement: What is it?

This is a document that the state DMV makes available to those who are selling their vehicle. The notice of sale will allow the former owner to protect himself from any fines and debts that may arise if the buyer does not complete the vehicle transfer. This type of service can be done through the Detran website of the state in question.

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