6 Incredible Weekend Destinations from Ahmedabad For Your 2023 Trip

Did you miss out on planning enough vacations in 2022 and unchecking your bucket list? Don’t worry. This new year, check the calendar again, plan your weekend trips, and get your vacations right. With smart planning, you can easily sneak in holidays without petitioning for extra leaves and burdening your pocket. As a helping hand, we are sharing the list of 6-weekend destinations from Ahmedabad for a fun-filled trip. 

Best Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad

Places to Visit Near AhmedabadDistanceKnown ForBest Time to Visit
Lothal76 kmHistorical Temples & MuseumsJuly to March
Modhera99 kmHeritage Gateway Famous for Sun TempleOctober to March
Mount Abu228 kmHill Station is Famous for Temples, Lakes, Parks, etcOctober to March
Udaipur259 kmPalaces, Museums, Temples, etcSeptember to February
Gir National Park326 kmAsiatic Lions, Jeep Safari, etcJuly to March
Kutch400 kmThe Great Rann of KutchJuly to March


It is one of the best weekend getaways near Ahmedabad (the Manchester of India) for History buffs. Lothal is the southernmost part of the Indus Valley Civilization and a famous archeological site. The archaeological remains of the place showcase the lifestyle of early human civilization. It also has Ganpatpura Temple and Mata Boot Bhavani Temple nearby. 


Situated along the river Pushpavati, Modhera is an ancient village in the state of Gujarat and is home to the famous Sun Temple. This village is known for showcasing spirituality & Indian culture and gives glimpses into the glory days of the royal lineage of the Chalukyas dynasties. Modhera is one of the finest testaments of the architectural excellence of the past.

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Often referred to as ‘the Venice of the East’, Udaipur is one of the popular weekend destinations near Ahmedabad. The city is surrounded by 4 lakes and has many ancient palaces, serene sites, and magnificent forts that you cannot miss visiting. This tourist hotspot is also filled with remarkable restaurants and luxurious resorts that make it stand out amongst the most charming weekend destinations. Take the board ride to witness the beauty of this wonderful royal city. 


Resembling the shape of a tortoise, Kutch is the largest district of India spread over 45,674 km². It is nature’s masterpiece with the vast expanses of the white salt desert. Kutch comes to life in winter during the Rann Festival from December to February. Many cultural programs, functions, adventure activities, and staying in huge camps are the perks of this festival. Don’t forget to buy silver jewelry, handicrafts, bandhani sarees & dupattas, and tickle your tastebuds with luscious Kutchi cuisine. 

Mount Abu 

How about taking a break and enjoying the cool mountain air? Feels amazing, right? Rajasthan’s only hill station is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Ahmedabad. Watered by the Nakki Lake and at an elevation of 4000 feet, Mount Abu and its evergreen forests are a treat to the eyes. In addition to the natural beauties, Mount Abu is home to intricately carved Jain Dilwara Temples and the ancient Gaumukh Temple. Shop for Kota sarees, silver jewelry, sandalwood powder, and Sanganeri block printed fabrics, and eat authentic Rajasthani food to relish your trip. 

Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary

Your trip to Gujarat can not be completed without visiting Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. ​Spread over 1412 square km of dense forest, this park is home to majestic Asiatic Lions. The sanctuary has been preserving this precious species successfully. Opt for a jeep safari to spot these lions, Indian leopards, striped hyenas, mugger crocodiles, and over 250 species of birds. This park is excellent for trekking and immersing yourself in wildlife. 

While the travel destinations from Ahmedabad are unlimited, we have hand-picked these 6 best places to visit near Ahmedabad considering their popularity, accessibility, and variety of activities to do. Enjoy visiting these weekend destinations from Ahmedabad and resonate happy vibes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the best weekend getaways from Ahmedabad?

Answer: The best weekend getaways from Ahmedabad are:

  • Vadodara
  • Anand
  • Mount Abu
  • Bhuj
  • Udaipur
  • Surat
  • Rajkot
  • Lothal
  • Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
  • Gir National Park
  • Junagadh

2. Which place is the best for a one-day trip in Ahmedabad?

Answer: The best places for one day trip are:

  • Polo Forest – 156 km from Ahmedabad
  • Indroda Nature Park – 25 km from Ahmedabad
  • Akshardham in Gandhinagar – 30 km from Ahmedabad
  • Statue of Unity – 197 km from Ahmedabad
  • Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary – 31 km from Ahmedabad
  • Zanzari Waterfall – 75 km from Ahmedabad

3. Which city of Rajasthan is nearest to Ahmedabad?

Answer: Rajasthan’s Mount Abu is the nearest to Ahmedabad. It is about 228 km from Ahmedabad. Mount Abu is a single hill station in Rajasthan famous for its beautiful and serene sites. 

4. What is the best plan for the weekend?

Answer: Planning a trip on the weekend is the best thing. Make a list of the nearest places that can be explored within 2-3 days and plan your trip accordingly.

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