What Are The Causes Of Bumps On Anus Not warts

There are many factors that can result in the condition such as the bumps on anus not warts

The anus is known as the last point of the gastrointestinal tract. This is the point from where the waste is going to exit the body. If you wish to understand the symptoms by touching the surrounding area or the anus, then make sure that you are washing your hands before and after doing so. This will be done in order to prevent the spread of the bacteria

There are many causes why you might have been getting the bumps on the anus. Well, you do not have to worry if there is a cause, then there is a solution as well. Today we will discuss the underlying causes of this condition. 

Let us now see what are you getting these bumps on the anus, not warts:

Anal fissures:

The anal fissures can be described as the small cuts that are on or inside the anus. Well, this might result in passing the hard stool that can result in tearing of the delicate skin of the anus. When the anal fissures are starting to go away, yen it can easily form a skin tag that can feel like a lump around the anus. 

The bumps on the anus can be the anal fissures and they might result in 

  • Passing of the hard stool or bleeding
  • A feeling of tearing or burning when you are having your bowel movement. 
  • There can be some pain that may be there for several days even if you passed the stool days ago. 

If you are looking to treat the anal fissures, the doctor is going to give you the botox injections or undergo a procedure on the sphincter muscles. You also need to eat a high fiber diet and can use temporary laxatives that might help you ease the discomfort. 


Hemorrhoids can be explained as a condition where the tissue is enlarged. This is also going to result in the veins that are swollen in the anus and the rectum. They can be external or can be internal as well. 

Today, they are very commonly found in the people of the United States and are affecting more than 70 percent of people in their lives. The symptoms of the hemorrhoids will include the following:

  • Itching in the anal area.
  • Rectal bleeding can be with pain or painless. 
  • There might form lumps around the anus or swelling.
  • Discomfort in that part or pain that is especially during when you are having your bowel movements. 

The women that are pregnant might be at a higher risk of developing the hemorrhoids. Well, if the case of the hemorrhoids is serious, then the doctor is going to recommend surgery. Although if the condition is small, then you can also treat this condition at home. 

In order to treat them at home, there are certain creams for this condition. You need to drink plenty of water and also avoid the straining, make sure that you are not using the soaps that are perfumed or any other products. 

Anal skin tags:

The anal skin tags can be explained as the excess amount of skin that is around the anus. A tag most of the time is going to feel like a lump or some kind of tissue buildup. 

The anal skin tags can also result in anal fissures or other conditions such as hemorrhoids. 

The doctor is going to diagnose the condition properly before treating it as it might involve removing it surgically. 


The bumps on anus not warts, can sometimes be the pimples that can have one or more pores. At times, they are going to get clogged with the oil and the dead skin cells. When the pore might be clogged, then it can fill with the pus and is going to become a pimple. 

The pimple of the anus might feel soft and this can cause irritation and might be uncomfortable for some people. 

Well, if you want to treat the anal pimples, then you make sure that you try to keep the area clean as well as dry. You must refrain from using the shave or waxing the area. Make sure that you are having a healthy diet in order to treat these pimples. 

Molluscum contagiosum:

Well, the Molluscum contagiosum is a viral disorder that can cause lesions. These can form on the skin. These are the papules that are clear reddish-pink, or might be yellow in color. They are very smooth to touch and also very firm. 

This is a condition that is transmitted through sex. They are commonly going to appear in the anus, upper thighs, genital area, or on the anus. 

A person can get them and there might be many or few. If you are looking to treat this condition, then it can take several months. The doctor might recommend you an ointment or might remove them through laser surgery. 
Well, these are the conditions that might result in the bumps On Anus Not warts. If you think that you are suffering from any such condition, then you need to get in touch with a doctor immediately.