What are the places to visit in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is one of main tourist attractive country located in Indian Ocean. There are plenty of attractive eye-catching places in Sri Lanka. If you are a travel lover, it is a right choice trip to Sri Lanka.  Before you visit Sri Lanka, you should plan your trip. In this case you need to know what are the places in Sri Lanka to visit. In this article, I’m going to introduce you some of beautiful places to visit in your Sri Lanka trip.

The Temple of sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha

What are the places - Sri Dalada Maligawa

This is the number one tourist stop in Sri Lanka. This is the most sacred place in Sri Lanka.  The Sacred temple was declared as world heritage in 1981 by UNESCO. This ancient sacred temple was built in the era of Kingdom of Kandy. Month of July of every year is the busiest period of this place because Kandy Esala Perehara. The Greatest event of the temple is holding this Esala Perahara Festival. It is an order of ancient kings of Sri Lanka. This tradition has a large history.  It is believed the tradition started with the Sri Lanka visit of venerable Mihindu Maha Thero in era of Kingdom of Anuradhapura more than 2000 years ago. There are hundreds of traditional dance and art events in this beautiful events which at least one time in your life, must to see.

Because this is a sacred place, there are some rules introduce by the guardians of the place to ensure sustain existence of honor of the place. Therefore, if you visit this The Temple of sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha, you must ware and behave in proper manner.

Dunhinda Waterfall

What are the places - Dunhada Waterfall

One of another famous tourist place in Sri Lanka is Dunhinda waterfall.  This is located in Badulla District in Uva Province. In rainy season, you can see the real beauty of this eye-catching waterfall. This 64 meters high waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Its name has been derived as Dunhinda because of it spread smoky dew drops by its fall to the close environment. In Sinhala, dun is Smoke or mist.

The waterfall located 350 kilometers far away from Colombo Capital City of Sri Lanka. You can reach there by train, bus or your private vehicle. The Journey of train will definitely add extra value to your trip. If you are not familiar with lower hill country in Sri Lanka, suggest you to accompany a guide in order to avoid miss other beautiful places.


What are the places - Rajagala

Rajagala is ancient meditation monastery complex and an uncommon archeology site in Ampara District in Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. The archaeological project is still ongoing project but they accept visitors under prior approval of Archeology Department of Sri Lanka. Very few number of travelers know about this ancient point because lack of information about the place. Once you visit this place you can realize how organized building structure was in ancient Sri Lanka.

Ruins are outspread in large area including ancient ponds, hospitals etc. There is lot of ruins and things to see in this archeological area. The place is a story book of showing the pride of ancient Sinhalese.  You can visit their by bus or private vehicle. I suggest you to use private vehicle.

Arugam Bay Beach

What are the places - Arugam bay

Arugam bay Beach is a colorful beach of Batticaloa District in Eastern Province. This lovely beach is well popular among tourists who visit Sri Lanka for surf sport. The only beach of Sri Lanka to use for surf sport is this one. If you don’t interest in surf, don’t worry this is also very good for sun bath and for other beach sports. The beach is located about 330 km far away from Colombo. You can reach there by bus or by your private vehicle.

Above I have mentioned four (04) valuable places add to list of visit in your Sri Lanka tour. It is sure you will never be disappointed by visiting these places. However, these places are not in same area and it is hard to cover in one day. Therefore, it is you business to decide what are the places add to your list.

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