How to Repair the Outlook PST File Data with Native Solution?

Microsoft Outlook uses the Personal Storage Table (PST) file format. It saves mailbox data in two formats: PST and OST. In this article, we’ll look at the PST File and see why it gets corrupted and how to repair the Outlook PST file. When users set up their email accounts using the POP3 protocol, a PST file is created. The fact that it can be accessed from any device is the most useful feature for Outlook users. Outlook is the default email software for many highly structured and individual users. It provides excellent security and functionality for securing their inbox stuff, which is something that everyone desires.

Sometimes the PST file begins to cause troubles, such as corruption, as a result of which the PST file ceases to function. As a result, it is critical for the user to rectify this mistake, as otherwise, users would be unable to access their data. We shall learn about the cause of this issue and how to correct it in this article-

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PST File Corruption can be caused by a Variety of Factors.

This error has two causes, but some of them are common causes of Outlook PST file corruption, such as:

a problem with the hardware

a problem with the software

Problem with the Hardware

This error can also be caused by hardware difficulties such as device failure, sudden power failure, or a damaged device. The Outlook PST file may be corrupt in this instance. If you operate solely through a network connection and your equipment is abruptly damaged or shut down due to a power outage, there is a chance that your PST file will be corrupted.

Problem with the Software

One of the most common causes of PST file corruption is a software issue. It comes in a variety of forms, including unexpected virus attacks, wrongly opened files, and increased PST file size. The Outlook PST file, as we all know, has a size limit. If it’s an ANSI PST file, the mailbox data is stored in 2 GB; if it’s a Unicode PST file, the mailbox data is stored in 20 GB to 50 GB. When a PST file exceeds its maximum size, it becomes the most vulnerable to corruption.

What is the best way to Repair the Outlook PST File?

There are two ways to fix an Outlook PST file: the manual method and the software method. We’ll go over both ways and try to get to the bottom of the PST file corruption problem as quickly as possible.

Method by Native

If you utilize the manual technique, you must first run ScanPST.exe (Inbox Repair Tool), a free Microsoft Outlook tool. To use ScanPST.exe to fix and locate PST files, follow these steps:

To begin, look for and start ScanPST.exe (Inbox Repair Tool)

To repair corrupt PST files, select the Browse option and press the Start button.

The process will now begin, and all errors will be displayed on the screen.

Before beginning the PST repair process, select the Make backup option.

To repair the Outlook PST file, select Repair from the drop-down menu.

You can access the PST file from its original location when it has been successfully repaired.

The Manual Method’s Limitations

The free approach fixes minor corruptions in Outlook PST files, however, it does not work if the file is severely contaminated because it only fixes low levels of corruption. The Inbox repair tool has a 2GB restriction; if the Outlook file is larger than this, the tool will not work.

It’s a paid solution, but it’s 100 percent effective.

Following the manual procedure, I’d like to recommend the most widely used application for quickly repairing any sort of Outlook PST file corruption. Outlook PST Repair Tool is the best application for recovering any sized PST files rapidly and without causing any harm. It also recovers permanently deleted items and restores corrupted PST files. The software has a basic GUI interface that even a novice user can utilize. Before beginning the repair process, the PST repair application generates a detailed preview of mailbox items.

PST Repair Tool’s Steps of the Operation are as follows: 

You may simply repair the Outlook PST file by following a few simple steps:

Install Outlook PST Repair and run it.

To add a file, go to the Add File option.

Scan OK after inserting PST.

Click the Export button. PST mailboxes and the folder choice should be selected.

Select PST as the file format, then browse to the desired destination path before pressing the Export button.

The software is available in two versions: a free demo and a full-paid version. You can trial the software’s demo edition to see how it works, and if you’re happy with the results, you can buy the full version.


This is a comprehensive approach for resolving Outlook PST corruption. I hope you find this information to be quite useful in resolving your corrupted and damaged PST file repair issues. I attempted to explain why this problem occurred and how to correct it. Please let us know if you have any other problems with this error.