What Is Quantum Internet ?

Quantum Internet is the Internet used between quantum computers, which transfer packets of data from one place to another in the form of Qubits.” This internet is completely different from the internet used by us and much faster too. Modern scientists say that the data transfer rate of a quantum internet is at least 1 GB per second. The technology of this internet has been discovered by the scientists of China, where two places placed at a distance of 40 km were connected through this internet.

Although ordinary computing machines usually work on the basis of binary number systems (0 and 1), quantum computers work on the principles of quantum mechanics, centered on Erwin Schrödinger’s paradox. In such a situation, Qubits are used, which is a wonderfully fascinating thing in itself.

Qubits and Quantum Internet!

Qubits are things full of uncertainties in a way. In a normal computer, 0 or 1 both of these values are present. But this is not the case in a quantum computer, because of the use of qubits, they have the same value of zero and one at the same time. Both these values exist until one of the specified values is reached by the user of this internet.

One astonishing fact about Qubits is that, if two Qubits are kept at any distance; later, both these qubits will get entangled with each other. On Qubit, the great scientist Albert Einstein said that the exchange of data was due to these entangled particles which are very fast similar to the speed of light. He named it “Quantum Teleportation.” Through teleport, any object can move from one place to another at an incredible speed beyond our imagination.

One of the surprising things about Quantum Teleport is that, through this, we can transfer any particle from one place to another without actually sending it anywhere. This is a magnificent thing. From the point of view of modern science, it is nothing less than charisma.

Quantum Internet vs Internet

The internet that we are using today is actually a structure made on the basis of many types like optical fiber, which can connect all the computers present on the earth. Sometimes it can be hacked easily. Apart from this, it has its own limitation, due to which it also becomes very slow. Whereas Quantum Internet is a very sophisticated data transfer technology. The quantum computer is not interconnected in the quantum internet. Physically, these computers are not interconnected, but they remain tightly connected at many distances from each other. The Qubits are responsible for the transfer of data packets in the Quantum Internet. It is a very difficult task to maintain the quantum internet and to maintain the connection inside two qubits. Dry to dry vibrations and ripples can easily spoil this connection. It is also very important to have “Quantum Memory” for Quantum Internet to work properly.

Quantum Internet vs Quantum Memory

The device that stores data in Quantum Internet is called “Quantum Memory.” A short time ago, scientists have been able to successfully extract the quantum memory of the Internet of 50 km long optical fiber. Quantum Memory of common Internet can be easily extracted.

Some scientists also use Photons to carefully extract Quantum Memory. Through energetic photons, any molecule can be easily excited by the generated energy; because of which the complicated structure of qubits is easily resolved. After this, scientists bring the intensity of the Photons to a neutral state so that the Qubits present at that place can be collected. After this process, the photon particle is again released to move forward inside the optical fiber as before.

However, scientists still have to bring many confirmations regarding Quantum Teleportation, through which Quantum Internet can be widely used further.