When should I transfer the website to VPS hosting plan?

Initially, when you set up your online existence from scratch, you probably didn’t know which hosting plan you would the best. Or else the right choice was too heavy on your pocket. However, whatever the reason may be, you don’t have to stick to the same hosting plan, especially when it affects your overall website performance. There may be various reasons to transfer the website to VPS hosting. For example, the growth of your business, or maybe you want better control of your hosting resources. Furthermore, if your website is receiving more traffic and growing in volume, you may need to upgrade your hosting to VPS hosting in Dubai from a well-reputed domain and hosting agency. 

Why shift from shared to VPS hosting plan?

  • When you plan to change your hosting plan, you must be sure about your motives and goals. For this, here is a brief discussion regarding the disadvantages of shared hosting and the advantages of Cheap VPS Dubai
  • The loading times may be slower.
  • You never know who your neighboring website is when you share the server. 
  • You are quite restricted concerning your hosting server’s configuration options and customizations.
  • Your site may experience downtime during traffic spikes.

In case of any of these issues, you must consider to transfer the website to VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. Indeed, dedicated hosting promises you a premium experience. However, it is quite fancy, and you may not be able to afford it. Hence, it makes VPS hosting the best choice for you for the following reasons. 

  • No sharing of resources. You get better dedicated hosting resources in a shared environment for seamless performance with cheap VPS Dubai.
  • If you get to a dependable and reputable hosting agency, Navicosoft, you will have scalable hosting. It means that you won’t have to shift your hosting plan ever in the future. You can simply update your resources as per your website’s requirements. 
  • Further, you can expect your VPS hosting provider to offer you some pre-installed security programs in their VPS package, such as DDoS protection. 
  • Better control over hosting resources and options for customizations. 
  • Promised 24/7/365 support. 
  • VPS hosting in Dubai is pocket-friendly in comparison with the dedicated hosting plans

The right time to transfer the website to VPS hosting

Your hosting plan is one of the deciding factors for your overall website performance. Your website won’t stand a chance on the top SERPs if your premium content, top-notch SEO, and successfully created promotions are coupled with a bad hosting plan. But, conversely, it must comply with the traffic volume and workloads. Following are some of the indications that call for a hosting shift. 

Revenue generation

If you are moving towards generating revenue with your blog, it would need a better-promised website hosting plan. In this scenario, your current volume of traffic is not a factor to consider while deciding on your hosting plan because the downtime of your website for some seconds will cost you much. Indeed, a cheap VPS Dubai is a better viable choice in this regard.

Slower loading speed

Your website getting slow is also a clear indication of looking for better hosting services. The website may get sluggish due to plugins creating many SQL databases and PHP requests. Furthermore, overloading may also cause a slow-down of your website time-to-time, which may seriously negatively impact the website performance and your business performance.

Not enough Resources

 One of the most obvious reasons to transfer a website to VPS hosting iswhen your hosting provider has notified you that you have used all of your resources continuouslyfor several months. Here comes the task for intuition; you better know the volume of your website and incoming traffic before moving to VPS. If you have been using too many CPU resources, even VPS won’t suffice the need. However, a Cheap VPS Dubai is just the right option for an average website. 

Root Access

If you are looking forward to enjoying root access to your hosting server, VPS hosting in Dubai would be the best choice. By getting the premium VPS plan, you can choose the operating system of your own choice. In addition, you can use any software you find suitable for your website.

Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy customizability and high-end flexibility with your hosting plans. 


If you wish to try out new things, shared hosting won’t be your cup of tea for long. To test the new ideas and plugins, you will be in need of more space and resources. So, transfer the website to VPS hosting before you start your experimentation with your website.

Security concerns

If your website collects valuable information from clients such as healthcare websites and ecommerce stores, you must be wary of your security precautions. Indeed, storing personal and credit card information on websites with poor security measures is too risky. Furthermore, when you don’t know which website you are sharing your server with, you are always at a security risk in shared hosting. It is so because a virus or malware affecting one website on a server can also affect the other websites on that server. 

Hence, such security breaches will not only damage your business reputation but will negatively impact your SEO ranking as well. 

Multiple blogs

If you plan to expand your area of operation and set up more than one blog, you are entitled to the hosting plan upgrade. If you transfer the website to VPS hosting, it will serve you with the bandwidth and disk space perfectly in compliance with your needs. 

Getting ready for the shift to VPS

Notably, if you have decided to move to VPS hosting, you must plan the switchover. Keep notes of the following;

  • Know your selected vps hosting provider. Search around, consider the customer feedback and word-of-mouth, etc. 
  • Decide your control panel beforehand. 
  • Learn the process of registration on the new private name servers.
  • Learn how you are going to point your domain to the new server.
  • Get a detailed overview of the security features.