Where Does Delores Rank Among Below Deck’s Wildest Guests?


Bon voyage, Delores!

We’re sure that’s what the Below Deck crew was thinking when the unruly guest was sent packing from My Seanna. For those who missed it, on Jan. 11’s episode of Below Deck, charter guest Delores had her charter end early after she defied Captain Lee Rosbach and drunkenly jumped off the yacht into the ocean at night.

Before season eight premiered, Captain Lee made it clear that his encounter with Delores was a first for his career.

“I will tell you this, it is something I have never, ever done in 35 years of yachting,” he told us during an exclusive chat. “Until now. It’s never, ever happened to me before. That is a first.”

He also categorized the drama as “extremely intense.”

In fact, Delores didn’t go quietly from Below Deck as, the next day, she boldly jumped off the tender while being escorted away. After all of this, we found ourselves wondering, “Is Delores the wildest Below Deck guest to date?”

The answer: We don’t know.


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