Why did Russia Invade Ukraine?

Why did Russia Invade Ukraine? and Ukraine share a border in Eastern Europe. On February 24, 2022, Russia sent its army into Ukraine and started trying to take over the country by force. Because it was Europe’s first major war in decades, this invasion caught many people off guard. Russia and Ukraine, on the other hand, have been at odds for centuries. To grasp the present, you must examine 1,300 years of history.

The same medieval kingdom, Kyivan Rus, can be found in both nations. It was established in the 800s by the Varangians, Vikings from Northern Europe who came to rule over the locals. The Russians and Ukrainians who now reside in Ukraine and Russia are descended from the Slavs who once inhabited Kyivan Rus. The former capital of Ukraine was the city of Kyiv, which is now its capital. Additionally, Moscow, Russia’s current capital, was a part of Kyivan Rus. Why did Russia Invade Ukraine?

Soviet Union and Imperial Russia In the 1500s

Kyivan Rus princes’ descendants based in Moscow established imperial Russia, their own empire. By 1654, it encompassed not only Kyiv and the Ukrainians who lived there, but also other lands and people from Europe and Asia. Some people in imperial Russia considered Ukrainians to be Russian brothers because they shared a medieval culture. Why did Russia Invade Ukraine?

However, Ukrainians asserted that despite the fact that the two groups shared some history and followed the same religion, the cuisine, language, art, and music of Ukrainian culture were distinct. It had a different history than Russia’s and was shaped by interactions with other people.

In February 1917, a revolution led by Czar Nicholas II of Russia resulted in his removal from his position as a leader. Another revolution in the same year led to the establishment of the Soviet Union, a new empire. Joining the newly established Soviet empire was opposed by some Ukrainians. They tried to start their own country.

The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, one of several republics that made up the union, was established after the Soviets defeated their movement and defeated it. At first, it helped Ukrainians run their local government and keep their culture alive. However, when the Soviets realized that Ukrainians desired independence, they took power.

Ukraine in freedom In 1991

The Soviet Union fell apart. Ukraine and Russia, both of which had been part of the Soviet Union before, got their independence. Let’s fast forward to 2013. Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, wanted the nation to support Russia. He decided not to sign a trade deal that would have brought Ukraine closer to Europe as a result. The Ukrainian people protested, ousted Yanukovych, and elected a government that put Europe ahead of Russia.

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, stated that, despite these protests, the majority of Ukrainians desired ties with Russia. He was also concerned that Ukraine might join a military alliance with Europe and the United States that could harm Russia.

Russia took control of the Crimea region in the south of Ukraine in 2014. In addition, it sent soldiers and weapons to eastern Ukraine and claimed to be assisting individuals who desired to be a part of Russia. Since then, approximately 14,000 people have died, and a million people have fled the fighting to escape.

States that Russia ought to be in charge because it is the older brother assert that Russia should be in charge.

Most people in Ukraine agree. They have been inspired by the words of their president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He told Putin that the people of Ukraine want peace but will fight for their independence if needed. Putin invaded this time with the intention of taking control of the entire nation. Ukrainians are fighting the Russian army right now in an effort to end what they call an occupation.


Russia’s people had no say in whether or not to invade. Numerous people are protesting against it. Ukrainian and Russian members are present in numerous families. Because of this, a lot of people on both sides of the border don’t want to fight a war. The majority of Europe and the United States back the Ukrainian people. They are of the opinion that Ukraine ought to be able to determine its own future.