Why Foreign Oil Producers Are In Love With Trudeau’s Carbon Tax

One thing we are repeatedly told is that climate change is a “global issue.”

That’s why imposing a carbon tax on Canadians is such a foolish idea.

It’s amazing how so many who push the carbon tax and other restrictions on Canada’s energy sector fail to recognize the global nature of this issue.

By imposing a carbon tax on Canada – a country that makes up a tiny fraction of global emissions and already has very high environmental standards – there isn’t any improvement to the global climate.

Instead, there is a redistribution of wealth away from Canada and towards countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia.

In fact, they are among the biggest winners of the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision.

Think about it from their perspective.

They have far lower labor standards than Canada and far lower environmental standards.

They are competitors in the global energy market.

So, for them to watch as Canada imposes a carbon tax on our energy sector, their energy becomes more competitive and this enables them to gain wealth and create more jobs.

In effect, the carbon tax makes Canadians poorer while enriching foreign energy-producing nations.

The federal government is helping those foreign countries at the expense of Canadian jobs.

And again, this does nothing to help the environment, as emission-producing economic activity will shift towards those countries that produce more emissions than we do.

This all makes the celebrations we are seeing from the Trudeau government, the media, and activists on the left (but I repeat myself) quite disappointing.

This really isn’t a win for Canada, it’s a loss. We have hurt ourselves.

Now, celebration in Saudi Arabia and Russia would make sense, since they are the big winners of this.

What now remains to be seen is if Canada will continue to go down the path of virtue-signaling that hurts our own interests, or whether we will really see that ‘solving’ a global issue by damaging our own country is an absurd thing to do.

Canada is a nation full of good people who want to make our country better, and want Canada to play a constructive role in the world.

And that can be best achieved by Canada being as strong as possible, rather than making decisions that benefit our competitors at our own expense.

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