Automate Your Business With Window Treatment Design Software

Digitalization has made business management easy and convenient for wholesalers as wells as retailers. The automated software enables the businessmen to handle several sectors, including the manufacturing unit, order management, employee management, quotes, inventory, invoices, and a lot more with a few clicks. Talking about one such business that is majorly getting benefited from such software is a window covering and blinds business. 

As the Window Treatment Design Software facilitates the businessmen to handle e-mail communications and build owner-customer solid relationships, the day-to-day operations of business become easy. I am wondering about what more?

Let’s find out what exactly this software is? 

What is Window Coverings Software?

The window coverings and blind software is a complete business solution for wholesalers and retailers who are into the designing business. 

The software helps in contacting management and provides the team with the strength to build detailed bids for different window coverings. It allows you to use saved templates, choose from the list of products and services, and autofill the customer’s information.

You can save a lot of time because it prepares quotes, invoices, and payments automatically. And all the saved time can be used for other essential tasks. The best part about this software is that you can easily track everyone’s job that improves the productivity of your business. 

To know more about this software and how it reduces your business is stress, here are some software features that you should read.

1. Fast quoting for blinds and shutters:

Price proposals or initial quotes are the most crucial aspect of grabbing new clients and keeping the existing ones. The automated window blinds software enables you to create detailed invoices. You can include your service portfolio along with the pricing details. 

Moreover, you can mention the existing discount offers to grab your client’s attention. You can create multiple quotes at one time and send them to more than one client with a single click using this blinds software. 

2. Digital order confirmation:

You can feed all the detailed information regarding your available products on this software. This way, you can readily inform your customers about the in-stock products like Blinds, Shades, Shutters and Drapes. Also, you can notify them about the available services and their concerning prices.

With such convenient access to the data, your clients will be able to place orders instantly without waiting for your confirmation regarding that particular product’s availability. Once they place the order, you can confirm it immediately on the software itself and start preparing for their orders. This way, you can avoid unnecessary delays in your order’s delivery. 

3. Convenient order tracking:

This tracking feature includes everything your customers will require to know about their already shipped orders. The Window Treatment Design Software enables your clients to track their orders and stay updated about when they will receive their ordered products.

They can get in touch with the concerned authority in case of any issue with the order’s delivery. Such convenience to customers will make them place orders again and again.

4. Payment collection on one-click invoices:

The automated blinds and shutters software takes your financials further and creates invoices without your hard efforts. It transforms your estimated amounts to accurately built invoices. You can send these invoices to your clients within the software.

Moreover, your customers can pay for their ordered Blinds, Shades, Shutters and Drapes directly from your invoices, which mean you won’t have to recruit special employees to visit your clients and collect the payments. 

5. Operate from anywhere:

The advanced window blinds software is entirely cloud-based, and you can operate it from anywhere on any device. Whether you are at your workplace, home, or any family vacation, miles away from your office premises, you can manage all your business activities using the blinds and shutters software.

Wrapping up

Online business management using automated software ensures enhanced business performance. Moreover, it brings convenience, saves plenty of your valuable time, and reduces your salary expenses. Besides this, efficient business management using window blinds software leads to successful and timely order completion, which will eventually result in your sales growth