Word Choice In Argumentative Essay Should Be

Choosing collection of words might not be an easy task. Are you stuck in perfect “Word choice in an argumentative essay”? Wants to have a good collection of these words to make your essay top-notch? Are you searching for an experts’ guide? Well! Keep reading this if you want an answer to all of this. 

An Argumentative essay is a piece of writing that integrate the point of view of the writer in a way that strongly present evidences and facts to convince the readers. It should be an energetic and convincing essay to prove your point when writing. That is why word choice for such essay matter a lot. Not just this but placement of such words in an appropriate manner is also very important. Ideally speaking, the selected words or you can consider argumentative essay writing service should not be only conveying its meaning and the argument, but they should be doing these functions with right tone and with right connotation also; without confusing and offending the audience.  

The Importance Of Word Choice In An Essay 

It might be obvious to you that the phrase “words matter” have no importance till the time we sit for writing in essay. It means that words REALLY matter in an essay. But why for an essay? 

This is because, in an essay, there is certain goal or goals in mind that we tends to write for. Such as trying to convince and persuade the people at admission office to admit you is one goal of your essay. This is also important to convince your audience that females have equal strength as compare to males, describing a cracking situation when experiencing a heartbreak, or to inform and aware the audience about the importance of people in their life.

Your objective, goal or the purpose for essay writing, regardless of the topic under discussion, is very important and what the right words of choice do is that they help you achieve that purpose. Understood? 

Another major function of such word choices is that, a strong of such choices is going to help you improve the credibility of your writing being a writer. It leaves an impression on the readers that the writer is confident, knowledgeable of the topic, and professional to an extent to grasp the requirement or the formality of the situation. 

Finally, a careful and good decision about the choice of words will help to avoid blunders, ambiguity, confusions, and annoying the audience with it. So, now you know how to say a right thing or just the right thing?     

How To Select Word Choice In An Argumentative Essay? 

There are some guidelines related to word choice in such essay. So, let’s move forward to it. 

  1. Pull your hands off the redundancy 
  2. Throw away the decorative language 
  3. Ensure balance by choosing just right level of formality 
  4. Sound confident and credible enough!

Let’s discuss these in detail now:

Pull Your Hands Off The Redundancy 

Do you remember the time when the teacher would assign the task, specifically speaking, essays, and the students would start shouting? Any idea why? The deadline? 

Not always. Most of the time the shouting was because of knowing the word count of the essay. “A 1000 words essay?”! FOR REAL? THAT’S ALOT!

Under these conditions, what the student opted was, repetition of words, repeating the same points and ideas again and again and use of a decorative language. But is it the ideal way of doing it? NEVER!

The result of these are; low grades, clumpy thoughts, unorganized essays, and no learning.

Let’s look at an example:

“As the pilot landed on the runway, the runway was struck so hard by the landing gears that, the landing gears broke off and as a result, this resulted in damage of the runway. The maintenance people will now remove the vehicle from the runway and the runway parts which were damage will be filled and corrected”. 

As you can see lots of repetition i.e. redundancy in the above paragraph, does it makes it look good? Of course not! 

Redundancy of equipment and buildings is good in engineering when the primary equipment fails but not in the field of writing. But why?

As you can see, redundancy can take the available space for a good and useful argument, good ideas, and make you avoid important stuff that matters and has to be added. It can confuse the readers because they have to make out the sense by themselves and this can also be a contributory factor in confusing the writer himself. 

When it comes to marking, the professor will be too tired after marking lots of other essays. Hence, redundancy won’t make his life easy and this will result in deduction of marks. 

Now let’s look at the example once again without redundancy:

“As the pilot landed, the runway was struck so hard by the landing gears that they broke off and this resulted in damage of the runway. The maintenance people will now remove the vehicle from the runway and the parts of it; which were damage will be filled and corrected”. 

Does the statement now sounds good? YES! 

Think harder on the central message and idea for each of the sentence, paragraph, and the entire document which would help you avoid unnecessary repetition. Be mindful of the word choice and try to be clear, concise, and direct in your writing. The purpose of your writing is to communicate. Never write it the way in which the audience will feel just a write-up of several words with no useful thoughts. 

Throw Away The Decorative Language 

Another common mistake that people do while writing the argumentative essay is the use of flowery, decorative, or classical words. The problem with the choice of these words is that they tend to divert attention away to seek help from the dictionary and will ultimately lead to detachment and incuriousness of the reader. 

Additionally, while writing an argumentative essay or any essay one should give consideration to the ease of language and words as well as to the complications and structure of the sentences. Let’s looks at the following example to understand how complicated and decorative words can cause trouble.

Understanding a Piece of Writing:

“It is axiomatically understood that aberrant and anomalous comportment is momentous fountainhead for the eminent contretemps in aviation industry, novel pilots have barely subtracting dexterity to recuperate from these parlous instances when collated with consummating counterparts”.

This sentence is very difficult and effortful to digest by anyone, one must need a dictionary to get to know the meaning of the decorative words and adjectives used here, there is no point in writing essays using complicated words, all this can be summed up to the following sentence;

“It’s is obvious that abnormal behaviour is main cause of accidents in aviation industry, new pilots have less skills to recover from these situations as compared to experienced pilots”.

Now compare the two above statements, which one sounds appealing and is easy to digest? Obviously the later one!

In my opinion, the second statement looks like a fact related to aviation industry, whereas, the first statement is more like a riddle to solve.

Up till this point, we have covered the problems related to redundancy and use of complex and decorative words, these are the problems that are prominent in most of the essays and like their presence in the writings (essays) they are very easy to resolve. 

Ensure Balance By Choosing Just Right Level Of Formality 

As we have addressed the above problem relating to use of decorative words, it does not mean that you have to be very simple in the choice of words and in the flow of your writing. 

You cannot write an essay while using words and slangs that we usually use with our friends and peers. The tone of the essay must be taken care of and it should not show the high levels of intimacy. 

Before writing an essay you must know yours audience and the purpose for which you are writing as well, this gives you the basic template on which you will be writing your essay.

It is wise to use the formal words in the essay, but writer must stay aside from abundance of formality to make your essay look like an application or so.

Some Simple tips to inculcate Formality into your Writings:

  • Writer must avoid use of contractions like I’m, you’re, don’t, I’ll etc.
  • Avoid vague and ambiguous words to be more specific such as, stuff, things, people etc.
  • Use of strong words, adjectives, and adverbs can also be of assistance. 
  • Do not write any lame or useless examples.
  • Topic sentence of each paragraph should be given special considerations.

Now it is time to move to the example for better understanding this concept, if you are given to submit an essay assignment by your teacher, there are chances that your teacher will not take you seriously if you write like this:

“Increase in prices of goods in a country cause trouble for people living in that country, government should take action to solve this problem and must understand how people are living in difficult situation”.

Although the topic is very appealing and highlights a major economic concern in a country but the choice of words is not balanced with the strength of the topic.

More Examples of writing:

Inflation is economic evil for people residing in a country, government should implement price control to address the situation and must think about the compromising lives of its people”.

In my opinion the second statement is correctly structured with use of some strong and descriptive words like compromising, residing, implement etc.

Both statements highlighted the same issue but with petite care the structure and words of the second statement are more engaging and show seriousness of the topic and issue on hand.

Sound Confident And Credible Enough! 

Sometimes writing might be not as easy as everyone thinks, using vague words, slangs, informal diction and weak language is a perfect recipe for disaster. By doing so you are clearly telling your audience or reader not to take you serious and thoughtful.

Let’s understand with an example:

“Machine appears to have developed a set of possible issues”.

The sentence does not look confident and credible, look at the choice of words here in this sentence;

  • “Appears to have”- are you sure or not?
  • “A set of” – how many?
  • “Possible”- are those issues or not?

The sentence can be written as;

“Two issues are developed in the machine”.

Now this sentence is stronger, the tone is confident, and the information sounds credible.

Avoiding this type of mistake is important because not doing so means to your reader that your writing is not up to the merit. You cannot put your thoughts into proper words, and you are giving a bad impression of yourself.

Let’s Recap 

To be excellent in writing an argumentative essay you must keep in mind the following tactics;

  • Stay clear of Redundancy: Just be clear with your topic and do not make things complicated with the repetition.
  • Avoid Decorative Language: Do not try to be over smart by using complex words, keep things formal, simple, and consistent.
  • Be in Balanced Formality: Do not sound like expressing your love to your friends, be formal and use proper, and descriptive writing style.
  • Show Credibility and Confidence: Do not make your audience not to believe you by using weak and vague language, be precise and confident in your writing.


Writing an argumentative essay require attention, care, and brainstorming for proper and strong words. Various factors should be kept in mind while writing, knowing your audience/reader is one of them. All of your efforts mean nothing if your thoughts and ideas are not integrated properly in writing. Nevertheless, with this guidance it is now possible for essay writers. To know what things should be kept in mind while jotting your thoughts down on the paper. Moreover, if you still struggling and trying to seek help of experts. Always feel free to contact Perfect Essay Writing Services. The help is just one click away, so hurry up and do not make a difference in your writings with the help of professionals.